Jay Lethal Gets His Rematch!

It all goes down at the “11th Anniversary Event”...
At “Killer Instinct” Jay Lethal challenged World Champion Kevin Steen in Jay's first ROH World championship match in years. It was a heated contest in front of Lethal's home audience and with his parents in attendance, it seemed that Jay had the victory within his reach.
Unfortunately for all parties, except perhaps Steen himself, the action spilled to the outside of the ring where the champion antagonized Lethal's parents and provoked them to throw a drink at “Wrestling's Worst Nightmare”. Steen retaliated by spitting in the face of Jay's mother and suffice it to say, absolute chaos broke out in Rahway. Lethal attacked everyone in sight; referees, security, even Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs attempted to bring the anarchy to a halt. The match was officially ruled a No Contest but the matter didn't end there as this video showed:
Lethal obviously snapped, put Jim Cornette on the shelf, and inadvertently nearly ruined the “Glory by Honor XI” iPPV event after Steen initially refused to appear for his scheduled title defense against Michael Elgin. He even made the following demands:
ROH officials acquiesced and Steen would go onto retain his title against Elgin in a spectacular fight, and then again at “Final Battle 2012” against El Generico in the brutal Ladder War IV. Lethal, on the other hand, found himself boxed out of the World Title picture as long as Steen remained champ despite earning a future World Title shot by winning “Survival of the Fittest 2012” just prior to his “Killer Instinct” challenge.
At “FB '12”, as the locker room wrapped up celebrating the last ROH match of Jerry Lynn's career, Jay took it upon himself to confront recently appointed Match Maker Nigel McGuinness and demand he face Steen that night. Nigel refused, telling him to wait until after the Ladder War, and if Generico won he would be first in line. It wasn't good enough for Lethal who wanted to get his hands on Steen, things got heated, Lethal spit on Nigel, security was forced to drag Jay out of the building, and it seemed just a bit like Lethal was losing his self-control.
In Baltimore, on the 1/19 episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, Lethal and Nigel again were face-to-face but instead of chaos erupting, McGuinness told Lethal the only way he was getting a title match against Kevin Steen was if Kevin agreed to lift the ban himself. So this past weekend on ROH TV, Lethal confronted Steen, as well as the rest of S.C.U.M, and challenged Kevin to put the belt on the line. After hearing Jay give him a list of all the reasons why Steen needs to fight Jay, the World Champion (who has been oddly quiet since NYC) simply said two words: “I accept”!
Now, on March 2nd when we return to Chicago Ridge for our “11th Anniversary Event” live on iPPV, World Champion Kevin Steen will defend his title against Jay Lethal! Before he gets there though, he still has to contend with a one-on-one with Jimmy Jacobs this weekend in Baltimore but odds may be on his side as Lethal has defeated both Steve Corino and S.C.U.M's newest acquisition Rhino in the last month. Can Lethal make it to Chicago in one piece and if he does, will he be able to kill two birds with one stone by ending Steen's career & achieving his dream? Be there live to find out for yourself or order it on iPPV here to watch it as it happens!!!
Lethal is certainly out to prove Honor Lives!