It's a tag team collision at "Glory by Honor XI”

WGTT vs. BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus....
After the events of “Killer Instinct”, as well as the events of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV this weekend (available to Ringside Members here), ROH officials have just signed a Tag Team Grudge Match for this Saturday night at “Glory by Honor XI” pitting Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin against Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer!!!
In Rahway, after WGTT were the first team eliminated in the 3-Way Tag Title bout, Charlie Haas blasted Titus across the back with a chair which set him up for Steve Corino to finish him off with a backdrop driver. S.C.U.M retained the titles, setting them up for a Tag Title collision with The Briscoes at “GBH XI”, but obviously the issues between WGTT, Titus, and Whitmer were not finished.
Then, as seen on ROH TV this weekend, Haas & Benjamin also assaulted BJ Whitmer in the aftermath of an unscheduled tag match between WGTT and Titus/Whitmer. After BJ pinned Shelton, WGTT laid out both Whitmer & Titus then, after Shelton nailed BJ with Paydirt, slammed his groin area into the corner post of the ring.
“Rhett and BJ got what they deserved in New Jersey and on TV.” said Charlie Haas to this morning, “They fluked it out twice as a team now and if it falls on me and Shelton to expose him as a fluke than so be it. As for BJ, well that's what happens when you get involved in business that's got nothing to do with you. You should have stuck to dealing with SCUM and left Rhett to take his own beatings but apparently you want more of what you got in Baltimore. I know you've seen pain BJ, I heard about your barbwire match and about having staples shot into your head, but that's nothing compared to the long lasting physical pain I will inflict on you now that you've decided to become part of our world. You and Rhett are..well you're barely a team, Shelty and I are the definition of tag team wrestling! The two of you are the definition of fluke, and you will be exposed in Canada!”
We will find out in Mississauga THIS Saturday night if Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin can back up those words! Whitmer has been to hell and back both physically and mentally during his wrestling career, he has tasted tag team gold, he has come close to the World Title several times, and has seen the most extreme matches ROH has ever held.
Now, with Rhett Titus at his side, BJ has found a new ally in his simmering war with the members of SCUM while Titus has found one in his with WGTT. Their partnership may be new but their goals are the same and this Saturday night at “Glory by Honor XI”, Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer unite once again to put an end to this issue with WGTT!
Tickets for our return to Mississauga, ON are available right here in the ROH Store or you can order it live on iPPV right here as well!!!