It's A Tag Team Collision At “Caged Hostility”!

The HoT & WGTT Collide!
With a 6-Man Steel Cage War already on tap, Ring of Honor's return to Charlotte, NC on September 8th is already a must-see event. Now ROH officials have signed a tag team challenge featuring two teams that are quite explosive for two very different reasons.
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, have demonstrated themselves to be one of the most volatitle teams in ROH right now. With a penchant for violence, and a general disregard for the rules that dictate professional wrestling, WGTT are as equally unpredictable as they are talented. Benjamin is currently serving out a suspension for such behavior after attacking Rhett Titus with a chair on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV but that suspension that comes to an end in Charlotte. Haas, on the other hand, is wrapped up in the ROH World Tag Title Tournament but obviously not with Shelton as his partner, instead with Titus at his side! Not much has been made of how Shelton may feel about the possibility of Haas winning the titles with someone else, but knowing these two men, they likely have something in mind if Haas & Titus are crowned champions.
Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin are explosive for a very different reason. For weeks now the tensions have been building between these two members of the House of Truth with Truth Martini the only factor that has prevented a violent outburst from either man. It has gotten to the point that two weeks in a row on “Ring of Honor Wrestling TV” Elgin has seemingly come out from the locker room to assist Strong & the HoT but rather turned around and walked away from this situation. The first time ultimately led to Strong losing the TV Title to Adam Cole while the second saw Strong & The Guardians ran off by The Briscoes and various members of the locker room. The tensions are high and it's a safe assumption that the HoT is a proverbial powder keg just waiting for the flames to catch the fuse.
Now these two pairs will collide in Charlotte at “Caged Hostility” in a tag team challenge match! Can the HoT stay on the same page long enough to pick up the win or will the former 2-Time Tag Champions be the ones with their hands raised? Be there live on September 8th to see for yourself!!!