It's A Street Fight In NYC!

BJ & Titus take on WGTT at "Final Battle 2012"!
It has been building for a few months now, longer in the case of Rhett Titus, but now at "Final Battle 2012: Doomsday" on Sunday December 16th, Titus & BJ Whitmer will collide with Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in a New York City Street Fight!!!

"I think I can say I have more than proven I can hold my own in a street fight." said Rhett, "And I know, hell everybody knows that BJ is born and bred for this type of deal. He has probably been in more bloody, violent brawls than anyone in ROH not named Briscoe and there aren't too many other guys I would want at my side for this.  Charlie and Shelton, it's time to put an end to this one and we are going to do it in NYC...the place where the Briscoes & ANX had their own Ladder War, the place where I finally became an ROH Champion by beating YOU!" reached out to Charlie for a response after we talked to Rhett at this is what he said:

"Boy, you've got another thing coming in New York if you think Final Battle is going to end like the last time we came to that hellhole.  You may have some vision dancing in your half-empty head of you and BJ putting WGTT down for the count but the vision I've got Rhett looks a little bit more like what happened to you last year at Final Battle...injured and out of action.  Me and Shelty won't take it easy on you like the Bucks did though, there won't be a comeback after two months, no what I'm thinking might have you back in action by Final Battle 2013 if you're lucky!"

It's Titus & Whitmer vs. Haas & Benjamin in a NYC Street Fight and it happens at "Final Battle 2012: Doomsday" on Sunday night December 16th right here on iPPV!! Or if you are in the New York City and want to see all the mayhem live & in-person then get your tickets now in the ROH Store!!!