It's A Showdown In The Lone Star State!

Read inside for a preview of Saturday's huge event...
THIS Saturday night Ring of Honor Wrestling returns to Texas for the first time since “Supercard of Honor IV” in 2009 and, for the very first time, we set up shop in San Antonio!!! From the Shrine Auditorium we present the absolute best professional wrestling on the planet with the World Title on the line in the main event, the ROH/S.C.U.M war rages on in several bouts, Texas' own ACH returns home to battle one of his idols, two former TV Champions collide while another attempts to earn a future shot at that title, plus Women of Honor action, and more!!
Read on for the details on what brings us to The Alamo City:
ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe defends vs. "American Wolf" Davey Richards
Jay Briscoe captured the World Title on April 5th at “Supercard of Honor VII” and has not had a moments rest since that night. He has successfully made it through two championship defenses, the first against Adam Cole at “Border Wars 2013” in Toronto and then against BJ Whitmer at “Relentless” in Richmond, as well as unsuccessfully challenging reDRagon for the World Tag Titles at “Dragon's Reign” in Belle Vernon. This also says nothing of the battles he has fought on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV or the ones that await him if he makes it out of San Antonio with the title still around his waist. No one can argue that Jay is a fighting champion but in San Antonio on Saturday, it may be safe to say that this is the biggest fight he has faced thus far.
Davey Richards is no stranger to Jay Briscoe, having faced each other numerous times in both singles as well as in tag team competition and while The Briscoes may be dominant in the latter, in the former the two men have traded wins. Yet despite all their history over the years in ROH, this is no doubt the most important one-on-one match of their intertwined careers. Their previous battles have generally been prelude to a fight over tag team glory but this, this fight, this one is for the most prestigious championship in professional wrestling. The ROH World Title title is one which Davey Richards is all too familiar after his nearly year long reign but one that he spent the last year of his life having to look at from a distance after losing to Kevin Steen at “Best in the World 2012” and being shut out of the picture for the duration of Steen's reign.
The hunger for competition, for success, and for championships have always been the driving factors in Richards' wrestling career and now, for the first time since June 2012, Davey has the opportunity to quell that hunger with a singles championship. The Wolves have been starved out of the Tag Titles thus far since their reunion at “Final Battle 2012” but they both have the scent of the World Title now, and Davey was the first one on the scene.
Jay Briscoe heads into San Antonio knowing he is in for a fight and win or lose, you know both champion and challenger will leave it all in the ring, no quarter asked nor any given. And the winner...well the winner will leave Texas that night knowing they have to turn around and go to war again in one week's time when Eddie Edwards steps up to the challenge in Columbus.
Such is the life of the ROH World Champion...
Texas Tornado Tag Team Match
Michael Elgin & BJ Whitmer vs. 2 S.C.U.M Members
“Border Wars 2013” proved to be a mixed bag in the war against Steve Corino and S.C.U.M. BJ Whitmer was successful in his “I Quit” match with Rhett Titus but the high stakes tag team match with Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and, shockingly, Kevin Steen battling Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton did not yield triumphant results. Lethal was hurt which left Elgin to battle it out alone against two men, Kevin stepped up to take Jay's spot in the match but ultimately ended up with his shoulders pinned by Jacobs...a victory that not only reinserted Corino into the announcer's position but secured S.C.U.M a future World Title match.
Coming out of that, Steen announced to Nigel McGuinness he is now looking to go it alone and take apart his former unit piece-by-piece. As for Elgin, he is certainly not yet done with Corino's motley crew as you can see from this comments made after “Border Wars 2013”...
“It was a noble gesture from Kevin to step up on Saturday.” said Elgin to, “I doubt he gave a damn about me fighting it out alone, I know it was more about revenge on SCUM, but it was still a nice thought. What's not a nice thought is that in Kevin's attempt to get revenge, he ended up giving Corino his voice back and he gave SCUM a World Title match on top of that. I'm glad to see you want to go this alone Kevin because, quite frankly, after that I don't think anyone in this locker room is ready to put faith in you just yet. As for me, SCUM we are not done, not by a long shot and in San Antonio I am looking for you, any two of you, to step up to the plate and fight. Compton, Jacobs, Hardy, hell even Corino himself if he still has it in him to lace up his boots...I don't give a damn which of you it is. Just show up prepared to fight...”
When pressed for who he would want to be his partner in this tag team battle, Elgin said there was one man at the top of his list, a man who could be World Champion come June 1st, “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer!
“I'm happy Elgin would want me as his partner.” said BJ at the time, “And while I don't know how Nigel would want it to go down, if I beat Jay Briscoe and come to San Antonio as the World Champion, hell I'd fight twice that night if I have to. As a matter of fact, if Elgin's game and I know he will be, what say we make this tag team fight a little more fun, why don't we throw a little bit of Texas in there and do it Tornado style? SCUM likes to toss the rules out the window whenever they get a chance so why don't we just add more chaos to the mix!”
Nigel heard the request and granted it with a smile on his face! When ROH debuts in San Antonio on June 1st, it will be “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer vs. Two Members of S.C.U.M fighting it out under Texas Tornado Rules! Unfortunately for Whitmer, he did not capture the World Title from Jay Briscoe at “Relentless” but that has done nothing to quench his desire to fight, especially when it comes to defending ROH from S.C.U.M. Can the two ROH representatives get the upper hand in his war in a match that will certainly see chaos or will Corino's crew continue to stand strong against honor?
Special Challenge
Jay Lethal vs. San Antonio's own ACH
Saturday night June 1st Ring of Honor makes its debut in San Antonio, TX and one man looking extremely forward to this road trip is ACH. For him it is a homecoming of sorts as ACH originally hails from Austin, TX and broke into the sport of pro wrestling on the independent circuit of the Lone Star State before breaking out nationwide and eventually signing a full-time ROH contract.
Now when ROH returns to his home state for the first time since 2009, ACH will face one of the toughest test of his Ring of Honor career when he faces former World TV Champion Jay Lethal in singles competition...
"Signing that contract was one of the most exciting days of my life." said ACH to, "But coming back to Texas for a Ring of Honor event AND facing Jay Lethal, well that's right up near the top of the list. The pressure is on to show the fans back home, in-person, why I deserve to be in the ring with one of the best wrestlers competing today. Adam Cole and Michael Elgin, those were the two names talked about as the breakout starts of 2012. Well this time next year, it is going to be my name everyone is talking about like that and it would be perfect if it all starts in Texas! And to be perfectly honest, Lethal has always been one of the guys I looked up to when I first started wrestling. He was an inspiration for getting started in the first place so facing him makes this all the more special. "
ACH certainly has all the potential to be that next breakout star for ROH, as he showed in his battle with Michael Elgin at “Dragon's Reign”, but he will have to give it his all if he hopes to top Jay Lethal in one-on-one competition!
Proving Ground Match
ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven vs. "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
Coming off a successful Proving Ground victory at “Dragon's Reign” over Tadarius Thomas, World TV Champion Matt Taven will face another PG challenge when ROH debuts in San Antonio on June 1st. Unlike Thomas though, this challenger is one who knows all too well what it takes to become TV Champion..after all, he was the FIRST.
That's right, on Saturday June 1st it will be World TV Champion Matt Taven versus “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards in a Proving Ground Challenge! If Edwards defeats Taven or lasts the time limit then Eddie will receive a future TV Title match to go along with the World Title bout he has scheduled for “Live and Let Die” in Columbus on June 8th.
“They say Eddie Edwards made this title.” Matt Taven offered to, “That may be true with his wins over Davey Richards, Rhett Titus, Petey Williams, and all the rest but he still has to prove himself to me, to me and the H...O...T. You're no better than the rest Eddie and being the first ever TV champion, being the first ever triple crown winner, those things do not automatically make it so you deserve a shot at my TV Title. You will go the same way as Mark Briscoe, as ACH, as Tadarius Thomas....down. There will be no title opportunity in your future, much less a second reign, and when I am done with you in San Antonio, I expect you to tell everyone else what the hoopla around Matt Taven is all about.”
It's World TV Champion Matt Taven versus “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards under Proving Ground Rules and it will go down on Saturday June 1st in San Antonio, TX! Can Edwards head into his Columbus World Title match with a TV Title shot in his back pocket? Or will Taven overcome the biggest challenge of his ROH career?
Former World TV Champions Collide
Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong
On June 1st ROH heads to San Antonio, TX for the very first time! Already signed for the event Davey Richards challenging for the World Title against the winner of Jay Briscoe/BJ Whitmer, a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match with Michael Elgin & BJ Whitmer versus 2 SCUM Members, and Jay Lethal taking on Texas' own ACH!
Now, coming off their Triple Threat collision in Belle Vernon at “Dragon's Reign”, ROH officials have signed a rematch between two former World TV Champions as Roderick Strong goes one-on-one with the very man who beat him last year on ROH TV, Adam Cole!
“Rematch.” said Roderick Strong to, “That's the word of the day because that is what I never got! Adam Cole beat me for the belt on TV in June last year, he lost it in March of this year, and not one damn time did Ring of Honor try sign on the rematch. I'm not complaining, just pointing out the truth bro. So consider this the rematch that never happened Adam, and just like what would have happened if I had ever had the chance to win my belt back, you are getting beat down.”
Cole, who suffered the pinfall loss to BJ Whitmer in that Triple Threat in Belle Vernon, has been told by Nigel McGuinness he is in-line for a future World Title match but if Strong beats him in San Antonio, compiled with the Belle Vernon loss and as his championship loss at “Border Wars 2013”, one has to wonder if McGuinness will be able to keep that promise. The pressure is certainly on for Cole in San Antonio...
Women of Honor Match
Athena vs. Barbi Hayden
Coming off an impressive victory in a Four Corner Survival opposite Cherry Bomb, MsChif, and Scarlett Bordeaux, Athena makes her return to ROH competition to face off with another Texas native in Barbi Hayden! Hayden, a standout of the Texas scene, is hoping to make an impression on ROH officials to perhaps garner future bookings and a victory over Athena would certainly go a long way towards achieving that goal!
Mark Briscoe vs. A Member of S.C.U.M
Coming off a victory over Roderick Strong at “Relentless”, Mark Briscoe continues his march towards “Best in the World 2013” and his World Title opportunity by facing off with a member of S.C.U.M in a one-on-one bout. Jimmy Jacobs? Rhett Titus? Rhino? Cliff Compton? Who will the mystery man be that Corino sends to do battle with the younger Briscoe and will he be able to overcome “Chicken” as Mark attempts to build momentum on his way to Baltimore on June 22nd?
Also signed to appear in San Antonio:
-ROH World Tag Team Champions, reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish)
-Texas' Own Ray Rowe
ROH officials have added on a special autograph signing taking place prior to the start of the event that is not only your opportunity to meet some of the stars of ROH but a chance to support Oklahoma disaster relief with the Red Cross!
World Champion Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, ACH, Jay Lethal, and Michael Elgin will all be available when the doors open. It is $10 each for posed photo (with own camera)/personal item/ROH 8x10 Photo or you can get all 6 for $50 dollars.
Davey Richards has stated he will be donating his autograph money to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Oklahoma and ROH has promised to match his donation! In addition, representatives from the Red Cross will be on hand to collect donations as well.
For tickets & information on this Saturday's huge live event, click HERE or purchase them at the door on Saturday! Don't miss out as the best wrestling on the planet comes to the Lone Star State!