It's No Holds Barred In Chicago!!!

Haas & Whitmer will collide at the anniversary event
This was the scene as it aired this past weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV when BJ Whitmer stepped up to take Charlie Haas' place at a live appearance after Haas failed to show up at the scheduled time.
Obviously it was a brutal assault that not only left Whitmer in serious pain, but damaged the relationship between Ring of Honor, Sinclair Broadcasting, and the Liberty Ford car dealership at which the appearance was supposed to take place.
Fines were levied against Haas but, as he has demonstrated in the past, they mean little to nothing to “The Outlaw” as long as he makes his point and hurts someone in the process. As for Whitmer, it is to his credit that he refused to miss out on his scheduled match last Saturday in Cincinnati against Kyle O'Reilly. Not only did he still make the match, but Whitmer pulled out a submission victory over the submission grappling specialist. As for what Charlie did in Cincy, he defeated Pepper Parks and then assaulted the ROH Dojo graduate he nicknamed Cheeseburger when the kid refused to give Haas his beer. Another fine yes but also another “whatever” from Charlie Haas...
Between the parking lot assault and the beating on Cheeseburger, has learned there was talk of suspending Haas for his actions, without pay, from the 11th Anniversary weekend in Chicago Ridge but, of all people, it was Whitmer who prevented that from happening.
“I went to Nigel in Cincinnati,” said Whitmer to, “and I asked him, begged him basically, not to suspend Charlie. That's not punishment for a guy like Haas, it just means he gets to stay home and drink beer. I came to Nigel with one thought on my mind, punishing Charlie the only way he really understands, in the middle of the ring in Chicago. Nigel agreed to my request for that match, and maybe...just maybe...I might have suggested that he up the ante for such a landmark as the 11th anniversary. I might have floated out the idea of a street fight or a no holds barred match, just suggestions.”
Well it appears that Nigel took BJ's “suggestions” to heart as it will be “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer vs. “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas in a NO HOLDS BARRED FIGHT at the “11th Anniversary Event”!!!! Live on iPPV Saturday March 2nd, the toughest man on the ROH roster will collide with the most bitter!
Chicago has been home to some of the most violent fights in ROH history and with two individuals like Haas & Whitmer you can beat this one will follow suit! Tickets are on-sale here in the ROH Store!!!