Ring of Honor's first ever live Pay Per View BEST IN THE WORLD  is Sunday June 22nd in Nashville, TN. Just added to this historic night: The Briscoes vs. Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis. This grudge match is months in the making and is sure to explode in Nashville.
The history between Matt Hardy and Jay Briscoe could speak for itself. Matt Hardy was the guy to jump off the top turnbuckle onto Jay Briscoe's chair wrapped shoulder, which led to his forfeiting the ROH World Championship. A championship that would later be won by Hardy's secret protege Adam Cole. After Jay bravely presented the ROH Championship to Adam Cole, he was blasted in the back of the head with the title. A move that we later found out was orchestrated from the advice of Cole's mentor, Matt Hardy.
Hardy and Cole's actions caused Jay Briscoe to become obsessed with championship gold. Claiming that he was never beaten for the ROH World Championship, Jay created his own championship which he labeled the "Real World Championship." At Supercard of Honor 8 Jay finally got the chance to compete for the right to call himself the undisputed world champion. In doing so, he put up his "Real World Championship" in an effort to unify it with Adam Cole's ROH World Championship. But on this night Jay still wouldn't get a clean championship opportunity as Matt Hardy again interfered and helped Cole capture both titles.
To make matters worse, a week later on ROH television, Adam Cole presented Jay Briscoe's "Real World Championship" to Matt Hardy as a token of his appreciation. Matt Hardy renamed the championship the "ICONIC Championship" and plastered a picture of his own face on the title. Following Ladder War at Supercard of Honor, Jay Briscoe was again injured leaving his future in doubt.
On that same night Mark Briscoe faced Michael Bennett in a no disqualification match. In the weeks leading up to the event Michael Bennett aligned himself with both the ROH World Champion Adam Cole and "The Icon" Matt Hardy. In an idea inspired by Maria Kanellis the three of them combined to become "The Holy Trinity."  With Cole and Hardy set on taking out Jay Briscoe, Bennett set his sights on Mark Briscoe to make sure he wouldn't be a factor in their plans.
In their Supercard match, Mark and Bennett brawled all over the arena and into the bleachers in New Orleans. Maria proved to be the equalizer as she took a kendo stick out of the hands of Mark and nailed him across the back with it. Bennett was then able to hit The Box Office Smash on top of a steel chair. Bennett continued to beat Mark with a chair before wrapping one around Mark's neck and striking him over the head with another chair shot. The injuries Mark suffered in this match also left his future in doubt.
After a few weeks of absence due to the injuries sustained by Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett, the Briscoes made a shocking return to ROH TV. Since then they've sworn to take out "The Holy Trinity." First on their agenda are Hardy and Bennett, the two guys who almost cost them their careers. These two teams will fight it out on June 22nd live on Pay Per View, and it won't be for the weak at heart. When asked about finally getting a chance at redemption against Hardy and Bennett, Mark Briscoe's only response was "it's gonna be violent."
It’s a Grudge Tag Team Match THE BRISCOES vs MATT HARDY & MICHAEL BENNETT w/ Maria Kanellis when Ring of Honor presents BEST IN THE WORLD live on Pay Per View June 22nd from Nashville, TN. Contact your local cable providers for ordering details. You can't miss the biggest night in Ring of Honor history.