It’s A Tag Team War In Richmond!

Richards & O’Reilly vs. Steen & Jacobs on May 19th…
In the April 17th Newswire it was stated that ROH officials were working on getting the main event for our Richmond, VA return signed within the next few days.  Well late last night everything was finalized and we can now announce that for the first time ever Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly will face Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs in a huge tag team affair!
Not only is this battle pitting Steen & Richards against one another, but it will come exactly one week after their scheduled ROH World Title contest at “Border Wars” in Toronto on May 12th! 
“I get to beat Davey’s two weeks in a row?” remarked Kevin Steen to, “Does Ring of Honor actually like me now or something? Is Jimmy on my team this week?  The month of May is like Christmas, a trip to the zoo, and Disney all rolled into one. I get to beat Davey in my home country, then me and Jimmy get to humiliate him AND his little puppy dog a week later?  If I could dance I’d actually be doing a happy dance right now. Seriously though, Davey and Kyle, I strongly suggest you pay attention in Chicago to what Jimmy and me do to Generico and BJ. Record it with your cell phones, go home and study it in your free time, and then take whatever you think you got out of that and shove it up each other’s *****.  You can’t predict this, you can’t plan for it, you just…you just suffer through it.  Exactly like a nightmare I guess, which is appropriate since that’s the little nickname Jimmy has tried to convince the world applies to me.  I’m not the nightmare of ROH much less wrestling, that’s you Jimmy boy. See I’m the dream that everyone hopes for when they fall asleep.  Actually…well that’s actually kind of creepy…I think I’d rather be the reality you wake up to every day of your lives. The one that reminds Jimmy and Davey how they failed to stop me from becoming champion, and the one that reminds ROH fans of the way things should be.”
As the picture is painted right now, either Richards or Steen will enter into this tag team war as the ROH World Champion but things could go into upheaval with the Richards/Adam Cole match in Dayton on April 29th now being for the World Title.  How would a Cole victory change this scenario?  That’s a question to be answered another time. 
For now it’s all about Team Richards vs. Steen & Jacobs on Saturday May 19th in Richmond, VA!!!! It all goes down at the Greater Richmond Convention Center and you can get your tickets here!