It’s The New Champion vs. The Former Champion!

Strong vs. Lethal in Dayton…
At “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2”, the machinations of The Embassy turned the “Blind Destiny” bout between then-TV Champion Jay Lethal & Roderick Strong into a championship bout, albeit one Strong had earned in a Proving Ground match at “Glory by Honor X”.  Further involvement from Tommaso Ciampa then turned the title match into a title change, and now Roderick Strong reigns as the new ROH World TV Champion & the 2nd Triple Crown Champion!
While Lethal will have to wait to get his vengeance on Ciampa for another day, when ROH hits The Hara Arena on April 29th, Jay will get a chance to even the score with Roderick!  These two have gone back and forth since that Proving Ground match in November, with Lethal having pinned Roderick more often than not, but obviously it’s Strong who got the most important victory when he claimed the championship. 
With all that recent history, ROH officials have now decided that in Dayton these two men will collide in a 2/3 Falls Contest!  In keeping with a previous ruling, the TV Title will only be on the line at TV and iPPV events, but a victory in this battle will go a long way towards establishing who is truly the better man...
“Roderick, I don’t know how you can be proud of holding that championship.” said Lethal to, “I think we all know that you didn’t earn it, that Tommaso Ciampa is the only reason you’re holding onto that title, but don’t worry, he will get his soon enough.  In Dayton, I will prove to you…actually let me correct that…I will remind you who the better man really is between you and me.  You know the truth, whenever you look at that title belt you know how you got it, but maybe you just don’t care.  I guess it’s just all about holding the belt, to hell with how you get it, and if that’s the case then I just feel bad for you.”
“I’m the TV Champion bro.” Roderick retorted when informed of Lethal’s comments, “I’m a Triple Crown champion and that is all that matters.  Whatever you want to claim about how I got it, whatever makes you feel better about being a loser, just go ahead and keep throwing it out there because no one is buying it.  I’m walking around with this title, you aren’t, don’t blame me cause you can’t handle your business with The Embassy and keep your focus.  As for all this better man talk, just shove it bro.  I’m the champion, you aren’t, and after I beat you…maybe two straight falls who knows…you’ll be lucky to sniff my jock much less this belt.”
Strong vs. Lethal, 2/3 Falls, it takes place at the Hara Arena in Dayton on April 29th!  Get your tickets right here!!!