It’s A Grudge Match In Dayton!

And the World Tag Titles could be on the line…

At “Showdown in the Sun – Day Two”, Jay & Mark Briscoe picked up their second consecutive World Title victory over Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (the first being at “Final Battle 2011” when they captured the titles for the 7th time).  Following the first loss WGTT degenerated into some thuggish behavior, using steel chairs to assault the brothers, with Shelton even getting suspended for his refusal to pay the fines associated with such activity. 

At “SITS – Day 2” when the two teams met once more, The Briscoes once again scored the victory, and once again the former champions assaulted the victors,  using the corner post to brutalize the groin of Jay Briscoe.  Now in Dayton on April 20th, when ROH hits the Hara Arena for the first time, the foes will go another round with the belts on the line. 
“I’ll be damned if those ************ don’t suffer some consequences for what happened in Florida.” said Jay Briscoe, “I mean we’ve been in that position, losing and everything, and hell yeah we’ve been sore about it. I mean it ain’t like me and Mark didn’t take chairs to ya’ll boys in New York last summer. So it ain’t like we’re better than you, hell we ain’t never claimed all that, but what we are right now is man enough to tell you step up to our faces and throw down.  These belts are the world to us, and we’d do anything to get ‘em, even more to keep ‘em, but attackin’ my ****? Man what kinda ****** are ya’ll?  So what I want, what I’m looking to do is for ya’ll to come to Dayton and do this dance again. After we get done with them masked boys in Chicago, its Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest P**** B****** one more time!”
The Grudge Match has been signed, The Briscoes vs. WGTT on April 29th! If Jay & Mark retain their titles against Jigsaw & Hallowicked at “Unity”, then the belts will once again be on the line at The Hara Arena!  Can the animosity between these two teams be contained?  Be there live to find out! Ticket are available here!