The Intrepid Traveler Is In!

Can he accomplish the goal he set eleven years ago?
Michael Elgin...Brian Kendrick...Karl Anderson...Kevin Steen; those four men have been entered into the 16 Man Elimination field to crown the next Ring of Honor World Champion. The road to the title begins in Providence, RI on July 27th and runs through Toronto and New York City before reaching its destination in the birthplace of ROH: Philadelphia!

Nigel McGuinness has provided with the name of the man who will claim the fifth berth in the tournament and he is a true ROH original:

"The Intrepid Traveler" Paul London

London, who made his return to ROH after ten years at "Border Wars 2013", left ROH in the first place following a World Title loss to Samoa Joe at the inaugural "Death Before Dishonor" in 2003.  Will the weekend of "Death Before Dishonor XI" host a return to the championship picture for London?  Paul London's road to the championship begins in Toronto on August 3rd and you can follow it over the course of the summer as the World Title Tournament rolls on!  Get your tickets here for the events and come back tomorrow for the announcement of the next TWO competitors entering the field...