The House of Truth Implodes

It's Strong vs. Elgin at "Final Battle 2012"

Once was an accident, twice even, but one time after another after another and it became obvious to Michael Elgin that, for whatever his reasons, Roderick Strong was sabotaging Unbreakable's ROH career.


Miscommunication is one thing, it happens from time to time, but since “Showdown in the Sun” when Strong seemed to expect Elgin to hand him his “Blind Destiny” World Title shot at Davey Richards, the tension between these two men has been building to a crescendo.


For months now Truth Martini has been insisting that all is well within the HoT but it has been readily apparent to anyone with eyes that that is far from the case. Elgin threatened Strong to stay out of his business at one point, Strong has walked out on his partner in tag matches & gone on strike from the HoT, and it is safe to say that the final straw in the dissolution of this relationship came at “Death Before Dishonor X” when, in the aftermath of the Rhino/Kevin Steen World Title match, Elgin laid out Roddy with his devastating spinning powerbomb.


At “Glory by Honor XI”, when Elgin squared off with Kevin Steen with the World Title on the line, Roderick took up a seat at ringside to watch but ultimately paid for it when Elgin tossed him over the guardrails and beat the tar out of the former World Champion, forcing him to flee to the locker room. Roderick wasn't done though as, following the conclusion of the bout, Strong hit the ring once more and delivered a vicious Sick Kick to Elgin who was exhausted after coming up on the losing end of an epic war. Despite Martini's protestations to the fact, it was pretty obvious to all involved the House of Truth was on life best.


Now, as you can see below in this week's edition of “Inside ROH” (about 3:50 in) Elgin has made some demands:



Elgin wants Roderick in that ring, he wants his opportunity to deliver some retribution and even the score for with his former partner. It is fairly evident by his demeanor in that interview that Elgin will destroy Roderick Strong OUTSIDE of the ring if he does not get what he wants. Truth, still holding managerial leverage with each man, apparently refused to petition for the match, but ultimately the decision was taking out of his hand and ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness signed it anyway!


“Unbreakable Michael Elgin will have his chance to even it up with Roderick at Final Battle on December 16th and I don't give a damn what Truth Martini has to say about it. We have all heard that wanker run his mouth about how solid the House of Truth is and about how Elgin and Roderick are on the same page. It's obvious to all of us that ain't the case mate, it hasn't been the case for a long time no matter how hard you try to convince yourself Truth. So I am making this match happen at Final Battle because I will not have Elgin running around all night in the locker room, the parking lot, or wherever trying to hunt Roderick down. This is a fight that will take place in the ring!”


Suffice it to say all reports indicate Truth Martini is livid at this turn of events but there is nothing he can do about it now! It's Elgin versus Strong at “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday”!!! Tickets are available right here in the ROH Store or if you can't be in attendance that afternoon, you can place your order right here for the iPPV broadcast!