Corino leads an army into NYC...
War was declared at the "11th Anniversary Event", the battles have been fought in Chicago on ROH TV, they will continue in Asheville THIS Saturday night, and will hit NYC & "Supercard of Honor VII" with a vengeance on April 5th!
That night, live on worldwide iPPV and in front of the sold-out crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom, Steve Corino has promised to lead his S.C.U.M army into battle against a team of ROH's finest...
"The first shot wasn't fired in Chicago." said Steve in an e-mail to ROHWrestling.com, "That were fired in Toronto the night Kevin Steen won the World Title.  It has been a bit of a cold war in the months following but what happened in Chicago at the 11th anniversary, that was the official declaration of war against the lies ROH has perpetuated for over a decade.  This weekend Kevin Steen will lay waste to Mark Briscoe, and then in New York, before he does the exact same thing to Jay Briscoe, my SCUM army will decimate whatever stupid, idiotic, misguided individuals Nigel McGuinness finds to stand up for whatever the hell it is they think honor means.  Nigel, it is time you recognize that SCUM is the guillotine falling on the neck of ROH and honor will die very painfully."
Corino was also "kind" enough to inform us that it will be Rhino, Rhett Titus, Jimmy Rave, Jimmy Jacobs, and Cliff Compton who will represent S.C.U.M at "Supercard of Honor VIII".  As for the ROH contingent,  Nigel McGuinness has amassed a 5-Man team who all have their own issues with S.C.U.M, be it personal or simply standing up for ROH, and they are: BJ Whitmer, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Mike Mondo, and (for now) Mark Briscoe! 
The younger Briscoe challenges Kevin Steen for the World Title THIS Saturday at "WAR" in Asheville, NC so the outcome of that battle could certainly affect this 10-Man Tag Team Fight but Nigel has stated he will cross that bridge Sunday if Mark is successful in dethroning Steen. 
For now it is S.C.U.M (Jacobs, Titus, Rave, Compton, Rhino) versus Ring of Honor (Whitmer, Coleman, Alexander, Mondo, Briscoe) and it will happen live on iPPV, April 5th,  as part of our "Supercard of Honor VII" mega-event!  Tickets are all sold-out but you can still catch the action live right here on ROHWrestling.com!!!
Don't worry though, if you are in the NYC area that weekend and want to see the best pound-for-pound pro wrestling on the planet, there are still tickets available for our April 6th ROH TV Taping right here in the ROH Store!