Grizz & Mondo Take A Stand

It's S.C.U.M vs. ROH in Asheville!
As a result of what happened on "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV this weekend when S.C.U.M assaulted Grizzly Redwood & Mike Mondo and essentially held Veda Scott hostage, a match has been signed for "WAR" this Saturday night in Asheville!  It will be Grizzly Redwood & "No Fear" Mike Mondo vs. Two Members of S.C.U.M!
"Ring of Honor is my home." said Griz to, "This is where Griz Redwood was born, and this is where I will make my last stand if that's what it takes.  Steve Corino, once upon a time I thought you were making a change for the better.  You looked me in the eye and told me I was your inspiration and you have no idea how much that meant to me.  Now I look in your eyes and I see nothing inspired, nothing but evil. So in Asheville I want you or Jimmy Rave or Cliff Compton or whoever to come meet me and Mondo in the ring.  This event is called 'War' and I'll be damned if I'm not on the front lines for ROH!"
Steve Corino has agreed to send two members of S.C.U.M to throwdown with Griz & Mondo on Saturday night but has elected to leave their identities a mystery.  Who will it be?  You will have to be there live to find out for yourselves as Griz Redwood & "No Fear" Mike Mondo go at it with S.C.U.M!  Tickets are on-sale now or at the door on Saturday night!