Future Shock collides at “Best in the World 2012”

Kyle O’Reilly Issues A Challenge…
Their future was bright, tag team dominance was surely in their future, but emotion, jealousy, and bitterness seemingly got in the way as Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly, the team known as Future Shock, permanently split ways after Cole pinned Davey Richards in the “Young Wolves Rising” tag match that main-evented the “10th Anniversary Event” in March.
Very shortly thereafter, at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2” as a matter of fact, the two former partners collided in a singles bout that came to a conclusion when O’Reilly rolled through a flying top rope cross body, the same move Cole used to pin Richards, and turned it into a pinfall victory…hooking the tights to insure his win.
O’Reilly was content with his victory regardless of the means and it seemed he was also content to leave Cole in his past. After some tension between Richards & O’Reilly after their “Unity” tag team bout, all was put to rest and Kyle was set to be in the Davey’s corner at “Border Wars” for his ROH World Title defense against Kevin Steen.
“That was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life for several reasons.” Kyle told ROHWrestling.com, “Not only could I not stand in Davey’s corner during his biggest title match, but I also had to contend with a family emergency that I’d rather not get into the details about.  Still I was able to watch the match, and man, I hated what happened, I felt like I could have done something to turn the tide.  But something else that night really bugged me man, something earlier on when Adam and Michael Elgin had their match. Kevin Kelly and Nigel called them the breakout stars? Really, Adam Cole is a breakout star? The guy I beat in Florida is the breakout star? The guy who lost that match is a breakout star? Man I must not know what words means, or maybe there’s a different meaning in England, because a loser is not a breakout star!”
Kyle continued to rant on about how Cole is too one-dimensional to be a breakout star, much less the future of Ring of Honor; about how he’s a pretty face with some flashy moves but no knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, no kickboxing, no ground game or submission skills. Kyle pointed out that the dumber fans like those moves but the more intelligent, discerning, sophisticated fans appreciate the hybrid of styles that O’Reilly utilizes and appreciate the effort he puts into his training.
“I know Adam can’t go at the higher levels of competition like me or Davey, but I’m offering him a chance to prove it, and to get me back for Florida since I’ve been hearing he thinks I cheated my way to that win.  Let’s call it the Hybrid Fighting Rules challenge…”
O’Reilly provided ROH officials with a detailed listing of what he was looking for and while it’s obvious that his goal is to attempt and embarrass Cole, Adam looked over the rules and has accepted the challenge.  He also informed ROH officials, and suggested we pass the word onto Kyle, that ever since the fight with Davey in Dayton at “Rising Above 2012” he has started to focus more on his submission training and stand-up and will double up that training in order to prepare for this bout.  He said Kyle should expect Adam to come into this contest with a couple of new tricks up his sleeve.
So on June 24th in NYC, it will be Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly in a “Hybrid Fighting Rules Challenge”!  No pinfalls in this one; it can only end in a knockout, TKO, submission, DQ, or 15 minute time limit draw.  The rules are elaborated on below, and while on paper this seems to favor O’Reilly, you can never discount the fight Adam Cole brings to the table.  It all happens at “Best in the World 2012” live on iPPV Sunday 6/24/12 and you can still get great seats for ROH’s summer spectacular right here!
Hybrid Fighting Rules
- Knockout
* Occurs when one competitor falls to the canvas and is unable to rise to his feet within 10 seconds.
- Submission
* Occurs when one competitor taps out or vocally gives up.
- TKO (Technical Knockout)
* Occurs when the referee rules it impossible for a competitor to continue the match.
- Draw
* Occurs when the 15 minute time limit expires
- Disqualification by Fouls
* A loss due to a critical foul or when a participant accumulates 3 total fouls (see below for details)
Critical Foul – Cause for immediate disqualification
* Deliberate eye-gouging, groin attacks, biting, and pulling the opponent's hair.
* Use of foreign object
* Outside interference
* Physical abuse to official
Foul – When a competitor accumulates 3 of these fouls he will be disqualified.
* Deliberately going out of the ring or throwing an opponent out of the ring.
* Deliberately holding and utilizing the ring ropes during the match for an advantage.
* Accidental eye-gouging and groin attacks.
* Holding or pulling the opponent's outfit.