The Forever Hooligans Come To ROH!

And a dream match is waiting in the wings...
It's been since our 2010 events in Phoenix that either of them have seen the inside of the ROH ring, but on March 2nd as part of our “11th Anniversary Event” in Chicago Ridge, The Forever Hooligans of Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov are coming back to Ring of Honor!!
Romero's resume in Ring of Honor is strong with two World Tag Championship reigns under his belt (the first with Ricky Reyes, the second with Davey Richards), and his international credits are just as stacked. A former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion as Black Tiger, he also holds three IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship reigns under his belt; two of those actually with Richards, and the most recent one, which ended on November 11th, was with Koslov at his side.
Koslov's ROH history is short but includes battles with some of the best including Roderick Strong, Bryan Danielson, and Romero himself. Ever since his return to independent wrestling, Koslov has been chomping at the bit to get back into ROH competition and now he will get that opportunity with Romero at his side.
While this opportunity is golden, it is one that comes with some serious competition because on that night, live on iPPV, The Forever Hooligans will collide with The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards! The ties that bind Richards & Romero run deep, from their No Remorse Corps championship run in ROH to their IWGP Jr. Tag run, they have traveled the world together as allies but now they will collide as foes.
“I'm happy to see Rocky come back home to ROH.” offered Davey to, “It's especially exciting to see him come back with Koslov at his side, but I have to tell you Rocky that your homecoming is going to be bittersweet. You're going head-up with the Wolves Rocky, and while you and I were partners, successful ones at that, Eddie is my brother. No offense Rocky, but he is the best tag partner I have had in wrestling...he's my blood. So I'm looking forward to the competition you and Alex bring, and I'm hoping I'll get to see you a lot more going forward, but if not, don't expect us to apologize for spoiling your triumphant return to ROH. Our hunt for gold is back on with a vengeance boys and Rocky, you and Alex are standing in the way.”
It's The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov)! This dream tag team match goes down on March 2nd as part of our “11th Anniversary Event” which will air live on iPPV right here on! Tickets are on-sale now for our birthday celebration so join us in Chicago Ridge for the best pound-for-pound pro wrestling on the planet!!!