Embassy Limited

It has been rumored of late that Prince Nana is currently spending more money then he is bringing in, resulting in unpaid debts and potential financial crisis for The Embassy.  Although Nana claims to not have any monetary issues, explains that his assets could not only buy ROH, but a small country, and continues to deny any problems, Nana is, as you know, nuts.

Along with his normal high rolling lifestyle, Nana has been rumored to be spending excessive amounts of money on Princess Mia, buying her ridiculously priced gifts, lavishing her with vacations worldwide, and funding her Japanese wrestling excursions. Nana’s focus has always been to feed his selfish needs and personal gratifications, and some say that this type of carefree spending has burnt a hole in Nana’s bank account, leaving him no choice but to partner with a private investor.

The Prince claims that he has struck a deal that will make the Embassy wealthier than ever before and permit them more of a global authority. With the help and influence of Barrister RD Evans, a private company has apparently made a large investment within The Embassy that should “take it to new heights” as RD Evans told ROH officials, and put into place plans for a little more order and structure in the faction.

One of the major factors in this sudden influx of wealth, which is very fortunate for Prince Nana, is that “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa’s undefeated streak looks great on paper to potential investors.  With that at the crux of his pitch, the Barrister presented a plan to an unnamed large corporation for whom he also currently serves as legal representation.

Barrister RD Evans has handled all of the legalities and the paperwork, and is serving as the spokesman for the business direction of Ciampa.  The Barrister completely understands what the investors are looking for from The Embassy and he will advise Nana on how to enforce their plan to eliminate unnecessary expenditures; the primary method apparently being to allocate the majority of funds to help create a perfect athlete.

Increased expenditures will be devoted to Ciampa’s training, promotion, and nutrition to not only insure he remains undefeated, but to also hone him into the single greatest pro wrestler in ROH history. As it stands now, these investors feel Tommaso is obviously on the right track with his unblemished record, and Evans has stated that they only can imagine what Ciampa will accomplish with the total focus, and money, of The Embassy devoted specifically to his new high-end training program.

The Embassy Limited is on their way up fast with Ciampa receiving his biggest match yet on January 21st in Norfolk against ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal in The Proving Ground! Is the sudden quality of opportunities for Ciampa a result of the new investors? Regardless, Jay Lethal has one of the toughest Proving Ground matches of his TV Title reign at the Norfolk Scope (Exhibition Center).  Tickets for that big event can be purchased right here in the ROH Store.