Did One Punch Cost Corino his Career?

The Latest on King Corino
On the most recent edition of “Ring of Honor” television, at the conclusion of the “No DQ” match between Jay Briscoe and Adam Page that saw Briscoe survive to pick up the win, King Corino knocked out BJ Whitmer and then slowly walked away from ringside. Is King Corino’s career now a part of ROH history?
Speculation was that Corino was fired from ROH, thanks to a “Zero Tolerance” policy that protects announcers from wrestlers but also wrestlers from announcers. However, the only decision made after the punch was that Corino was immediately suspended from television.
We have been told that ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness will announce his decision regarding King Corino’s future in Ring of Honor on October 23rd in Kalamazoo, MI at the National TV Taping at the Wings Stadium Annex.
Corino supporters will point toward the months of harassment and abuse that Whitmer has levied on the ROH Announcer that not only included threats of physical violence but also enlisting Corino’s adult son, Colby to be a “young boy” in the Decade, inflicting mental distress as well.
Corino detractors will remind everyone that Corino was well aware of the “Zero Tolerance” policy and had recently been temporarily suspended for attacking Whitmer at another TV Taping in June in NYC. The one-time leader of “SCUM” has been carefully monitored since being allowed back into the company in 2013 and he has a long list of prior offenses that could affect McGuinness’ decision.

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