Defy or Deny Returns!

Who will fight for a shot at the World Title?
On March 18, 2011 ROH officials introduced a concept called “Defy or Deny” in which four men would fight it out in an Elimination Match. Three of those individuals were looking to secure a future World Title match while the fourth, then World Champion Roderick Strong, was looking to deny them all. Strong succeeded, denying El Generico any future title opportunities while Roderick remained champion, and that was the last time we had seen that concept in play.
Until now....
On January 19th, when ROH returns to Milwaukee & The Turner Hall Ballroom, it will be “Defy or Deny II” as ROH World Champion Kevin Steen looks to deny one man from ever challenging him for the title again. As with the previous bout, his three opponents in this elimination bout are three of the men against whom Kevin has already successfully defended the World Title: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.
Each man has had a title opportunity since Steen became champion 7 months ago at "Border Wars"; Elgin was the failed challenger at “Glory by Honor XI”, Strong at “Live Strong”, & Edwards at “The Nightmare Begins”. Now each of them look to find a way into contention once more by being the ultimate victor in this match but each of them is also risking the potential of never receiving another title shot as long as Kevin remains champion.
“I got this.” said Roderick Strong via e-mail, “I mean come on, I am the only guy who has won this match before and I did it as the champion. With three other guys trying to take my head off and come after my title I won this thing. Homicide, Jay Briscoe, and Generico were all gunning for me and it was me who won, me who denied Generico, me who had his hand raised that night. I'm a survivor, I'm Mister Ring of Honor, and it's only a matter of time before I get that belt back around my waist. I mean when it comes down to it bro, this is really just about me and Kevin anyway. I just taught Elgin a lesson in who's the better man in NYC and I've been showing Eddie that he's second rate to me for as long as I can remember. So Kev, keep that brand new belt shiny for me cause after I defy you in Milwaukee, after I deny those other clowns their shot, I am finally going to bring that belt back home to Camp Strong where it belongs.”
The rules of a Defy or Deny match are as follows: an elimination match in which if Edwards, Strong, or Elgin are the winner they will receive a future shot at the ROH World Title but should Steen be the last man standing, then the man he pinned to win will never receive another World Title match as long as Kevin Steen remains champion.
It's “Defy or Deny II” on Saturday January 19th at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee! ROH is starting the New Year off strong and you don't want to miss out! Get your tickets HERE!