Death Before Dishonor X Rematch In Columbus!

Can Steen repeat the feat or will he suffer the Gore?
At "Death Before Dishonor X" last September in Chicago Ridge, Kevin Steen successfully defended the ROH World Title in a chaos-filled Anything Goes brawl with "The Man Beast" Rhino who, at the time, was aligned with The House of Truth.
Fast forward to the end of 2012 and Rhino had thrown his allegiance into the S.C.U.M fold alongside Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and a man with whom Rhino had long been affiliated in one Steve Corino. Under Steve's guidance, Rhino's violent streak was directed towards the likes of Jay Lethal as he attempted to be the man to dethrone Steen at the "11th Anniversary Event", Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander as they stood in opposition to S.C.U.M, and it would be remiss to not mention Jay Briscoe as a Gore from "The Man Beast" after the "11th Anniversary Event" World Title match is what nearly put the current World Champion on the shelf prior to his bout with Steen at "Supercard of Honor VII".
Speaking of "SoH VII", everything changed in one fell swoop that weekend as Steen lost the World TItle and Corino & S.C.U.M excommunicated Steen from the unit that had been built around him.  As announced earlier this week, Kevin is now on a path to pick apart S.C.U.M one-by-one with Rhett Titus being the first on his list this weekend in Belle Vernon, Jimmy Jacobs lined up for Richmond, and now, official today, a "DBD X" rematch will take place in Columbus on Saturday June 8th!
"Kevin beat Rhino last year, that much is true." Steve Corino told when we informed him of the match. "But what Kevin needs to remember is that he beat a Rhino that was NOT being guided by the hand of Steve Corino, he beat a Man Beast who was NOT operating under the blessing of Matt Hardy, he beat Rhino but he NEVER felt The Gore! I took that bullet for you, Jimmy Jacobs took that bullet for you, even Todd Sinclair took that bullet for you! Now Kevin Steen, you are so utterly alone.  There is no one who will sacrifice for you, not the way S.C.U.M was willing to, not the way Matt Hardy selflessly sacrifices for us every single day Kevin. In Columbus, if you even make it there after dealing with Rhett Titus and Jimmy, you will feel a Gore and you will not get up. There will be no second coming of Kevin Steen after Rhino lays you to rest."
Kevin Steen continues his quest to decimate S.C.U.M piece-by-piece when he takes on "The Man Beast" Rhino on June 8th in Columbus, OH!  Add that to the just announced Eddie Edwards World Title challenge and this event is already looking like a must-see!  Tickets are on-sale NOW in the ROH Store!