"Death Before Dishonor IX" Rematch Signed

It's "The Unbreakable" versus "The Outlaw"...

At “Death Before Dishonor IX” last September, then-ROH World Tag Champion Charlie Haas went one-on-one with “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in one of the few singles bouts Haas had had in ROH up to that point. Still, with years of experience under his belt flying solo, Charlie secured the victory in NYC that night.


Fast forward nearly a year and the landscape of ROH is quite different as it pertains to these two athletes. Haas has embraced the moniker of “The Outlaw”, spitting in the face of not just authority but also the foundations of what ROH was built on. Elgin, on the other hand, seems to be drifting farther away from the orbit of Truth Martini and in recent weeks has come to recognize the Code of Honor both before & after his matches. In addition, Elgin is still sitting on a guaranteed ROH World Title match due to his victory at “Survival of the Fittest 2011” last fall. Now, when ROH comes to Providence for “Boiling Point 2012”, the two bulls will collide once more!


“You think I give a damn about Michael Elgin or the House of Truth?” said Charlie Haas to ROHWrestling.com, “Do you honestly think anything has changed since the last time I whooped his ass? Actually something has changed, but it sure as hell isn't something that's going to help Elgin. The one thing that's changed is that I am not holding back anymore. There's no more letting up for my opponent's safety or caring if he's capable of fighting after I'm done with him. Elgin's getting all the praise in the world for his power, for being a breakout star, but none of that's going to matter one damn bit when he gets in the ring with me.”


It's the rematch with “The Outlaw” vs. “The Unbreakable” on August 11th when Ring of Honor debuts in Providence, RI!! Tickets are available in the ROH Store here.