Corino Vs. Steen This Friday Night!

“Hell has no honor”

Those were the words of Steve Corino in the closing sentences of his letter posted yesterday at

In said letter, Corino declared that “…for one last night on December 23rd, I am EVIL”. That immediately sent a quake of fear up the spines of ROH officials and let to a final deliberation on a motion much debated since the day this match pitting Steve Corino against Kevin Steen was made official.  Steen is, quite obviously to everyone save himself, unstable and quite incapable of restraint.  This is something we all know and anticipate.  Yet reading those words from Corino, and knowing the depths in which he has been able to sink in the past, enlightened ROH officials to the real possibility that Steve may actually have to be worse than Kevin in order to finally end “the monster”.

With that in mind and with ROH officials understanding the emotions and intensity that this contest will bring about, management is aware that by following our standard rules, it is highly possible that this bout could end quickly via referee Jimmy Jacobs calling for the DQ. Taking all of those factors into consideration, a decision was reached:

“Speaking on behalf of myself and other ROH officials,” stated Executive Producer Jim Cornette, “we believe that it is utterly impossible to ignore the likelihood of the use of weapons, and whatever other form of illegal activity that’s likely to come into play in a situation as volatile as this one between Steen, Corino, and Jacobs. Also taking into consideration Kevin’s accusations that referees were involved in some sort of conspiracy against him last year, we have voted to give Steen a true opportunity at earning reinstatement, not offering him any room to complain about the officiating, and speaking for just myself, giving Steve Corino an open invitation to kick Steen’s ass anyway he sees fit.  This match will still be sanctioned by ROH and the New York State Athletic Commission however it will be contested under No Disqualification rules with the winner to be determined by pinfall, submission, or knockout only!”

Expect extra security on duty to tolerate the conditions at hand and don't forget that ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette will be at ringside during this match to oversee the situation, and we have also been informed that, per his request, ROH Ambassador Cary Silkin will join Cornette at ringside!

This is a battle three years in the making, since Steen first betrayed El Generico at “Final Battle 2009” at Corino’s behest, and is coming full circle as Dr. Frankenstein attempts to slay his Monster.  Don’t miss out as Steen battles Corino with No DQ’s at “Final Battle 2011” this Friday night in NYC!  Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door on the night of the event.  If you can’t be there live, don’t worry, you can still catch all of the action live on iPPV thru GoFightLive.TV by placing your order here