Complete Rundown of This Week's Lethal / Steen / Cornette Situation

Including the video from after Lethal/Steen...

Updated Thursday, October 11, 2012



The latest update on Jay Lethal & Jim Cornette

Including the video from after Lethal/Steen...


As we have been looking to acquire all week, and finally did last night, here is the video captured at “Killer Instinct” last Saturday night following the chaos of the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal World Title Match:



It is very obvious from watching the video that Lethal was quite out of control and that it was Jim Cornette who really paid the price for Jay's violent outburst. Jim was scheduled to begin his physical therapy this week and we will keep you abreast of any status updates we receive on his condition.


As for Lethal, we reported yesterday that he was originally supposed to take part in the upcoming ROH Try-out Camp & Seminar on December 8th & 9th but was pulled as a result of his actions in Rahway. Add on that nearly being pulled from his “Glory by Honor XI” match with Davey Richards, losing his pay for “Killer Instinct”, and having to agree to several as-of-yet unknown conditions in his closed door meeting with Joe Koff, Jay has faced a severe penalty as a result of his actions on October 6th.


What is surprising to all of us though is that, despite nearly a week having passed and having to face all these consequences, Lethal remains unrepentant for his actions towards Kevin Steen, ROH officials, referees, security, and most surprisingly Jim Cornette. We can confirm from a source who requested to be left nameless that Lethal has been heard to remark “Jim said he wanted to see killer instinct...” so take that for whatever it is worth.


Now with the spectre of Rahway over his head, and likely hovering around him for the next few months, Lethal heads into Canada for his battle with Davey Richards at “Glory by Honor XI”. If not for the events of “Killer Instinct” one could have assumed this match would paint a picture for the future of the ROH World Title but now...



Updated Wednesday, October 10, 2012




We have done our best to keep up with the events that have occurred since “Killer Instinct” and the aftermath of the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal World Title match that turned into complete and utter chaos, saw Jim Cornette assaulted, and a potential lawsuit from Jay Lethal's family. Read here and here for the news from Monday & Tuesday, then read on for the latest updates:



- has secured the footage of Jay Lethal's backstage rampage and will release it to the public tomorrow.


- We will also apparently hear from Kevin Steen tomorrow regarding his conference call yesterday with ROH officials and his demands.


- We just found out that Jay Lethal was originally scheduled to be a trainer at the upcoming ROH Try-Out/Seminar in December but was pulled. Add this, along with fines, to the list of disciplinary actions taken against Lethal for his actions last Saturday. Expect a top ROH star to replace Lethal at the upcoming camp.


- In the event that Kevin Steen does not compete this Saturday at "Glory By Honor XI", ROH officials, although very nervous, have assured us that there will be a suitable opponent for Michael Elgin and that match will be for the ROH World Championship. ROH officials are counting on Kevin Steen being there to defend his championship this Saturday but there is a strong possibility that will not happen. Let's hope ROH officials can get everything straightened out in order to proceed with our highly anticipated main event that is scheduled.


Check back at tomorrow for the footage of Lethal's rampage as well as Kevin Steen's statement...


Updated Tuesday, October 9, 2012




As we reported yesterday, the fallout from “Killer Instinct” and the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal match is continuing to be felt. Here are the latest updates has been given from officials:


- Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff has refused to disclose specifics regarding his meeting yesterday with Jay Lethal other than Jay has been fined. Apparently there are other conditions that Jay has had to agree to but right now it is not known what those conditions are.


- We do know that Jay Lethal admitted that he was in such a rage Saturday night that he did not realize all of the harm and destruction that he had caused. Lethal now realizes that he snapped like never before but is not apologetic for his actions. We can confirm though that Lethal will DEFINITELY be in Canada this Saturday for the “Glory by Honor XI” iPPV event!


- ROH World Champion Kevin Steen is set to meet with ROH officials via conference call later today as he says that he has demands that need to be met otherwise he will not show up this weekend. Steen is playing the part of the victim in this situation even though he was just as much responsible for the incident as Lethal. One thing we can confirm regarding Steen is that his pay was withheld on Saturday.


- Regarding the condition of ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, he is still unable to walk due to extreme lower back pain and is scheduled to meet with a physical therapist tomorrow...


- There is no additional news on the pending lawsuit from Jay Lethal’s parents against ROH & Kevin Steen


- is currently trying to procure the footage of Jay Lethal's backstage rampage to release to the public but unfortunately the footage is being withheld by people at the corporate level... will continue to follow this story from every angle and will bring you all of the updates as soon as we are able. There are lots of rumors and speculation circulating around this situation and we will make sure to confirm all the news before going public with the latest updates...


Updated Monday, October 8, 2012


The latest on the Jay Lethal Situation


As we reported earlier, the situation that occurred following the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal World Title Match at “Killer Instinct” on Saturday was one that got completely out of control and for that we take full responsibility and apologize to our fans.


We would like to state that we too are appaled by the actions of both Kevin Steen and Jay Lethal, appaled by the unfortunate way in which the show ended, and that we never want anything like that to happen again. ROH officials promise that we will go above and beyond to see that a situation like this never occurs again in Ring of Honor.


As far as the two primary men involved in this ordeal, has learned that Jay Lethal had a closed door meeting with Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff today regarding disciplinary action for his attack on ROH officials, security, and Jim Cornette, as well as his wanton destruction of the ringside area.


ROH World Champion Kevin Steen has said that he is not coming to “Glory by Honor XI” for his scheduled title defense against “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and will hold up ROH officials unless certain demands are met.


As mentioned above, ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette was one of Lethal's victims following the match when Jay assaulted him in the locker room. Cornette is currently at home in Louisville confined to a bed after suffering severe back & neck trauma and will certainly not be in attendance this Saturday in Mississauga.


To further add onto the fallout from the chaos, Jay Lethal's parents (who Kevin Steen spat on, which created this situation in the first place) have threatened a lawsuit against both Kevin Steen and Ring of Honor.


It seems the cloud of Rahway is going to be hanging over ROH's head for some time to come and there are even some people beginning to question if Jim Cornette inadvertantly set the stage for this with his insistence on Lethal proving that he had that killer instinct to challenge for the title...


We expect further details to be available tomorrow.


Updated Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last night ROH presented “Killer Instinct” in Rahway, New Jersey and the end of the main event saw a chaotic scene that left many questions unanswered.


What we do know at the moment is that things completely broke down when Steen spit on Jay Lethal’s mother who was sitting front row. As a result of this, Jay Lethal snapped on Steen in a rage like we have never seen before and chaos ensued with security and referees suffering injuries while trying to regulate the incident.


Kevin Steen immediately left the building claiming that he will not return.


While Lethal was looking for Steen backstage he continued to assault officials and apparently attacked ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette. Cornette was sent to the local hospital suffering a severe back injury and his diagnosis is unknown at this time.


ROH COO Joe Koff has contacted both Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen regarding the incident and there is expected to be major fallout from the events that took place last night.


The status of both Lethal and Steen is currently up in the air and we will have more news regarding this incident tomorrow at