Champions vs All-Stars... Breaking Down the Champs

By Kevin Kelly
The four titleholders kicking down the doors of the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL for Glory By Honor on Saturday, October 26th and the spectacular “Champions vs All-Stars” main event are as brash and cocky a foursome as you will ever find. Despite the fact that all four champions have challengers hot on their trails, they now march to the Midwest with bigger goals in mind.
And why not? They believe they are leading the way for a new generation of Ring of Honor fans, wanting to be role models  and are sticking it to critics and doubters every chance they get. Fans in Chicago Ridge who attend Glory By Honor live will have the first opportunity to see these four champions live in the same ring at the same time. 
Ring of Honor is the breeding ground of legendary champions like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and the four men on the “Champions” side at Glory By Honor look to etch their mark on history.
Adam Cole
By virtue of the title’s history and lineage, the Ring of Honor World Champion is the best wrestler in the world. Add to that the way that Adam Cole won the ROH World title, by surviving the most competitive, most physically intense 16-man tournament in pro wrestling history where all four of his wins were, in effect, World Championship matches… win or go home. 
Adam Cole defeated Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal, Tommaso Ciampa and Unbreakable Michael Elgin to win the title and then kicked former champion Jay Briscoe in the back of the head and smashed Elgin in the face with the belt to let the world know that he owned the moment. No turning back for Cole, who has now crafted his entire image around being the champion. 
Adam Cole’s first two title defenses have been against opponents for whom he wasn’t able to prepare… Mark Briscoe, who won the Honor Rumble and Roderick Strong who petitioned for and was granted a World Title match in Baltimore. 
So, it’s not like ROH is making things easy for Cole but he enjoys the spotlight… the press, the fans, the responsibility of being champion. A local TV station recently followed Cole around and interviewed him at the gym. Ric Flair would have hit the wall, Shawn Michaels would have pouted for weeks… trust me, I know. Adam Cole feels he is leading a whole new generation of fans into Ring of Honor by way of his capturing the World Championship. 
I think Adam Cole sees competing in “Champions vs All-Stars” as an honor but will his mean streak resurface?
reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Think of a final scene of a big summer blockbuster movie…  explosions, car crashes, buildings demolished and cities destroyed but at the end of it all, your heroes emerge, relatively unscathed, to deliver their signature line of dialogue. That’s what I think of when ReDRagon comes to mind.
The most competitive tag team division in the world has been checkered by chaos all summer long. But, after three title changes in a matter of five weeks, reDRagon stands tall but far from humble, despite their experience in the heat of the ROH tag team scene. 
However, the arrogance displayed by Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly can’t mask their greatness as a team. Pointing toward the recent win against Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin in Baltimore, with Outlaw Inc. looming in the crowd, proving once again that Fish and O’Reilly are becoming one of the best tag teams in ROH history. 
In typically bombastic reDRagon fashion, they now claim to be role models of tag team wrestling, role models to the fans and their peers alike. Bobby Fish has yet to be beaten in ROH and Kyle O’Reilly’s Cross Arm Breaker forced Davey Richards to tap out to recapture the gold. 
Maybe reDRagon is as good as they say they are?
Yippee ki-yeah…
Truth Martini said there are three kinds of wrestlers… good wrestlers, great wrestlers and special wrestlers and that World Television Champion, Matt Taven is special… because he has Hoopla running through his veins. I say Matt Taven is special because he is uber-talented and fights with a chip on his shoulder. That makes him more than “special”. That makes him one of the best. 
I’ve known Taven for several years and personally recruited him for Ring of Honor. He’s much different and better than the young man I met in Boston, while working in the front office of the New England Patriots because he knows what it feels like to be lost in the shuffle. 
April 2012 – Taven vs Mike Mondo – one of the matches of the year for ROH. Mondo gets money matches and title opportunities, while Matt Taven’s phone goes quiet. No reason why… no “heat” but damn, if it didn’t frustrate Taven. 
I found out how angry Matt Taven really is when he sat in on commentary in August. I had knocked Taven for winning “ugly”, using Martini and the H.O.T., the Book of Truth and all the nonsense to successfully defend the TV Title. He fired up and called me on the carpet for what Taven felt was a lack of respect. 
I apologized. He was right… I had slighted him. Since then, he’s been on fire, especially when the TV Title is on the line. 
It’s going to take a special wrestler to defeat Matt Taven but when that day comes, no one from ROH will forget to call Matt Taven again. 
At Glory By Honor in the “Champions vs All-Stars” main event, World TV Champ, Matt Taven, World Tag Team Champions, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and the Ring of Honor World Champion, Adam Cole will face their challengers on October 26th in Chicago Ridge and you can be there. 
Don’t miss the chance to see all four of these champions in the same ring at the same time, as they look to beat their challengers and show the world that they are here to stay on top of Ring of Honor. Get your tickets right now, clicking here.