This past weekend at GLOBAL WARS Cedric Alexander defeated Roderick Strong in what many are calling a huge upset. After a hard fought match from both competitors, Cedric caught Strong in a small package and got the three count. Moments after the match ended, BJ Whitmer slid into the ring and attacked Cedric. The rest of The Decade followed behind.
After a TaDarius Thomas kick to the face, Roderick Strong sent Cedric through multiple chairs with a back breaker. Unfortunately, Cedric Alexander will not be able to compete at WAR OF THE WORLDS because of the injuries sustained at the hands of The Decade.
Cedric Alexander was originally scheduled to face "Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada in what may have been the biggest match in Cedric's young career. The Decade has once again hindered the career of Cedric in costing him this major opportunity to face the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. The Decade has already tried to take away Cedric's place in the locker room by tossing his bags to the ringside area and prohibiting him from entering "their" locker room in San Antonio earlier this year. They seem intent on taking every opportunity away from Alexander.
It is unfortunate news that Cedric will not be a part of this major WAR OF THE WORLDS event after his huge singles competition win at GLOBAL WARS against Roderick Strong. "Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada will have a new opponent this Saturday in NYC that is still to be determined at this point.
Cedric's career seemed to have been picking up momentum following GLOBAL WARS, but will be temporarily put on hold. Cedric Alexander could not be reached for comment.
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