Caged Hostility Rematch Signed For Canada!

Tag Team Action Heads Up North...
At “Caged Hostility” in Charlotte, NC on September 8th, Lancelot & Harlem Bravado went to battle against Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander in what was essentially a battle of two hometown teams. Both duos call the Tarheel State home and, as such, it was the wrestling equivalent of Duke and UNC battling it out on the basketball court...a rivalry by the way that UNC leads 132-102 since their first meeting in 1920.
That night in Charlotte it was Coleman & Alexander in the role of UNC as they captured the victory with their Hurricanrana/Frog Splash combo in a near 20-minute contest that absolutely stole the show. To say Caprice & Cedric were jubilant about their victory would be one understatement just as saying Lancelot & Harlem were only disappointed would be a gross understatement...dejected and depressed would be more accurate.
“We failed North Carolina.” said Lancelot to, “We let down all our fans and our family and the whole Bandwagon when Caprice and Cedric beat us. It may be the biggest failure of our careers to be honest...and me and my brother, we were raised to be honest gentlemen. So let me be honest when I say that when we meet up again it's going to be a different story. In our hearts, me and Harlem know we are the better tag team. In our heads we know we are probably the most talented team Ring of Honor has right now. One more dance with C and C is all it will take to show Ring of Honor and most importantly, the Bandwagon, that those claims aren't just me running my mouth, we were taught better than that, no those words are the honest truth.”
Well Lancelot & Harlem should be ecstatic to know that, as of this morning, it has been officially signed! On October 13th at “Glory by Honor XI” in Mississauga, it will be The Bravados vs. Coleman & Alexander in a rematch of the bout that stole the show at "Caged Hostility"!!!
Add this to the World Title match, the TV Title match, the Tag Title match, & Richards vs. Lethal, and our return to iPPV is shaping up to be one epic event! Tickets for “Glory by Honor XI” are available right here or you can read here on the ways you can watch the iPPV broadcast absolutely FREE!