The Cage Goes Up In Charlotte!

6-Men Will Wage War In “Caged Hostility”
On the heels of what happened in the aftermath of the Steen/Jacobs vs. Briscoes fight in Milwaukee last Saturday night, ROH officials have now provided with all the details as to just who will be in that Cage match alluded to in Monday's on-sale announcement.
It's a renewal of a rivalry and, as you can see in the video above, it's former foes becoming allies as Rhett Titus & The Briscoes will unite to take on ROH World Champion Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino in a 6-Man Steel Cage War! Blood and violence is something of the calling card of the trio who have been heard to refer to themselves as Scum or EviL, but it's one that they share with The Briscoes and Titus. As Titus himself said in the video, it was Jay & Mark who taught him how to be a man during their lengthy rivalry that culminated in Ladder War III at “Death Before Dishonor IX”.
Speaking of that ladder, it was the bad blood between The Briscoes & Steen/Generico that introduced the Ladder War to ROH in the first place at “Man Up” and it was Jimmy Jacobs & The Age of the Fall who strung up Jay like a stuck pig that very same night in 2007 after The Briscoes retained the tag titles.
“A Steel Cage with the Briscoes?” said Kevin Steen to, “That's something I'm quite familiar with actually. It's something I did a long time ago with a far lesser partner at my side, probably why we lost come to think of it. With Steve and Jimmy at my side though, with the ROH World Title in my possession, it's a damn certainty that we will be the men leaving this cage with our bodies intact and our blood still on the inside. I can't say the same for the hillbillies. And you Rhett...I think in another life I would have applauded you for stepping up like that. See I've basically watched your entire career, I've seen how hard you've fought to get where you're at and how little respect the fans and ROH gave you for a long time just because of how you came up. You should be proud of yourself for...what do the kids say...just doing you, grinding it out and becoming a champion for as long as that lasted. I can honestly say I respect all that but this is a whole new game you're trying to play Rhett Titus, and a brand new level of pain you're setting yourself up for. You've bled, good for you. You've been beaten up, haven't we all? But what you've never done is look into the eyes of someone like me or Jimmy or Steve and seen real evil.”
For the first time in over a year, the unforgiven Steel Cage makes its return when ROH hits Charlotte, NC on September 8th for “Caged Hostility”! It's Rhett Titus & The Briscoe Brothers vs. ROH World Champion Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino in a 6-Man Steel Cage War! Tickets are on-sale now.  Click HERE to order!!!