The Brutal Burgers in action in Philly!

And Michael Bennett is not happy...
As you can see in the above video, Brutal Bob and Cheeseburger are looking for a battle with Michael Bennett and on September 21st in Philadelphia they will get it!
Just signed by Match Maker Nigel McGuinness, The Brutal Burgers as they dubbed themselves will get a shot at Michael Bennett and...Maria?!?
"I took a look at the tale of the tape." said McGuinness to, "And it all adds up mate.  The height, the weight, it all balances out between Burger and Maria Kanellis and between Bob and Bennett.  It's a fair fight in my book."
Michael Bennett, when informed of the contest, did not see things in the same light as Nigel...
"The Brutal Burgers?" he offered, "I don't curse a whole lot but are you ******* serious? I just beat The American Wolf! I pinned Davey Richards with THE best piledriver in pro wrestling...a former World Champion, one of the centerpieces of ROH, and the next thing Nigel has for me is Bob and Burger? This is either a joke or just another mark in the track record of continued disrespect from the ROH offices. I RETIRED Jerry Lynn in ROH, I RETIRED Lance Storm in ROH, I just beat Davey Richards, and now Brutal Burgers? But I'm not sure what's worse in this situation honestly; the disrespect from Nigel in making me wrestle Bob and Burger or the fact that the ROH fans cheer a 100 pound kid who sexually harasses Maria every chance he gets? Nigel, Bob, Burger...what I will tell you now is that on Saturday night, when this is done, all of you will regret making this match happen. Bob, you are the past. Burger, you are beneath me and Nigel...this is all on your head!"
Michael Bennett & Maria Kanellis versus The Brutal Burgers (Cheeseburger & Brutal Bob)! It will go down on 9/21 as part of the very first "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV Taping in Philadelphia!  Tickets are on-sale now!