The Briscoes & WGTT Go To War In The Memorial!

Ft. Lauderdale better get prepared…

This past weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, ROH World Tag Champion Mark Briscoe went one-on-one with Charlie Haas with his brother Jay handcuffed at ringside.  Where was Shelton Benjamin? He was sitting at home on suspension after refusing to pay his fine for viciously assaulting the Briscoes with a chair a few weeks prior.


The younger Briscoe came out on top in the battle but it was Haas who won the war that night because, after losing, the former tag team champion took advantage of Jay’s restraints and assaulted Mark with a chair shot right across the head.  As cocky as ever, Charlie took money out of his own pocket, paid the $5,000 fines for both he and Shelton, and walked away quite pleased with himself.


 “We can play that f****** game Charlie.” said an angry Jay, “Hell we been playing that game for years here in ROH.  We ain’t never given a damn about fines and you best believe that next time we get our hands on you boys there’s gonna be some hefty dues to pay that night.  Ring of Honor ya’ll better make this happen, and it damn sure better happen soon cause Charlie and Shelton need an ass whuppin like nobodies business. Do it on TV, do it on pay per view, hell do it in my damn backyard for all we care, titles, no titles, just best make sure you put those two ***** in the same ring as me and Mark ASAP before this **** gets worse, and you know Dem Boys can make this plenty worse.”


Well with a title defense against The Young Bucks scheduled for the “10th Anniversary Event” on March 4th in NYC this fight would obviously have to wait for a later date, but not that much later.  On Saturday March 31st, as part of our second day of “Showdown in the Sun”, it will be ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!  And should The Briscoes retain their titles in NYC, than this contest will be fought for the ROH World Tag Team Titles!


It’s The Briscoes vs. WGTT in Ft. Lauderdale on 3/31! Don’t miss out on “Showdown in the Sun” when ROH shows the world why we are the absolute best professional wrestling on the planet! Tickets for the event are available right here at Ticketmaster or you can order the event live on iPPV via GoFightLive here!