The Briscoes versus....WGTT?

Haas puts it all on the line for one last shot...
From the “Border Wars” preview article:
“The Briscoes & WGTT will finally put an end to their rivalry live on iPPV. Win or lose, this will be the last time these two teams collide over the World Tag Titles, and with a history as violent & personal as theirs, in a match where anything & everything goes, one can only imagine what depths these four men will sink to in order to leave as champions…”
Things change...
As you can all see from that video above, Charlie Haas is willing to risk everything that he and Shelton Benjamin have built since their ROH debut over two years ago at “Glory by Honor IX” in order to become World Tag Team Champions one more time.
WGTT's rivalry with The Briscoes goes back almost as long as they have been members of the ROH roster but it was not always the heated, hate-filled issue it developed into by their last encounter at “Border Wars”. In fact it started off as a friendly, competitive issue with their first battle at the “9th Anniversary Show” but escalated over the subsequent year and a half to the point where a Fight Without Honor was made to settle the issue once and for all. Suffice it to say that WGTT took the idea of “Without Honor” to heart as they used an ether soaked rag of all things to get their victory.
A series of violent singles matches between Jay Briscoe & Charlie Haas ultimately brought the issue some sense of closure but now, more in pursuit of the championships than their personal issues, Haas obviously is going all in to get his team a title opportunity THIS Saturday in Baltimore.
That night, at the Du Burns Arena, it will be Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. WGTT (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) for the World Tag Team Titles! IF WGTT lose though, they must split up and will NEVER be able to team in Ring of Honor again! It's the highest of stakes and, despite the declaration after “Border Wars” that that would be their last title fight, Jay & Mark are more than happy to let them have another shot.
“We're fighting champions ain't we?” said Mark to, “We don't give a damn about what ROH officials said last summer. We just want to keep showing the world why me and my brother are the best damn tag team in wrestling. If we can break up Charlie and Shelton proving it, well then that's just a bonus to winning the match. Baltimore and the Du Burns Arena, don't ya'll know that's the house the Briscoes built? And me and Jay will be damned if you boys take our belts in our own damn house!”
It's The Briscoes vs. WGTT, the World Tag Team Titles vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team's Future! It goes down THIS Saturday night in Baltimore as part of our “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings. Tickets are on-sale right here in the ROH Store or will be available at the door on Saturday night, and don't forget about the autograph signing before the bell because both Charlie, and apparently Shelton, will be taking part for what could be their last night as a team!
Will Charlie's gamble pay off or is this the last week for WGTT in ROH? Be there live to find out!!