The Briscoes Get Evil In Rhode Island

Jacobs & Corino look to make a statement...
This past Saturday in Milwaukee, it was ROH World Champion Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs who collided with Jay & Mark Briscoe in a tag team match that ended up being contested under Anything Goes stipulations after it first ended in a double countout. It got crazy once that ruling went down and saw the “match” turn into a venue-wide brawl, highlighted by an insane dive from the balcony by Mark Briscoe. It was a fight that the 7-Time former World Tag Champs one, but a war that they nearly lost as Steen attempted to hit Jay with the Package Piledriver but Rhett Titus surprisingly ran in to fend off the World Champ.
“What a f****** shock,” said Jay Briscoe, “Kevin goes and losses a match and throws a temper tantrum and tried to take out one of dem boys. But like I always say, s***, that's okay cause payback's a b****. But from what me and Mark understand Steen, you're about to be caught up with some other business when we hit Rhode Island. So how about you send Jimmy back our way, send Steve Corino right along with him...send your little tag-a-longs right towards us so we can give them a little piece of our minds.”
ROH officials were more than happy to acquiesce to The Briscoe's request but of course, when they informed Steve Corino of this match, he had words of his own to offer:
“Of course Ring of Honor and Jim Cornette want to put me in the ring when it's the Briscoes! This is like advertising on a billboard on the side of the highway that you're putting a hit out on someone. You think I don't know this game after all these years? Do you think Jay & Mark don't have this darkness inside them just like me and Jimmy and Kevin? Jimmy and Kevin have probably made the Briscoes spill more blood than any other men, and they have likely brought out the most evil sides of Jay and Mark. Those two guys are just as violent, as disturbed, as evil as Ring of Honor accuses the three of us of being! I've fought The Briscoes, I've fought alongside The Briscoes, and they are two of the scariest guys I've ever met. Maybe this little attempt of ROH's to put a hit on me and Jimmy will backfire and the Briscoes will realize which team they should really be on. And if not, if we have to leave Jay & Mark as beaten bloody men, well don't blame me, blame JC.”
Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino go head-to-head with Jay & Mark Briscoe on August 11th when Ring of Honor debuts in Providence, RI!! Tickets are available in the ROH Store here!