The Briscoes 1st Title Defense Is Set!

Will C & C bring an early end to their 8th reign?
On Sunday night at “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday”, Jay & Mark Briscoe set out to restore some honor to ROH and that night their focus was squarely on reclaiming the World Tag Team Titles from Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs. Still, they had quite an obstacle in their path as not only did they have to face the S.C.U.M duo but also had to contend with Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander in a Three Way Sudden Death fight. The only way to become champion was to pin Corino or Jacobs and the Briscoes did just that to claim their record 8th Tag Titles, just shy of one year from the night they captured their seventh championship.
Following the match Jay got on the microphone and announced that he was issuing an open invitation for any team to challenge Dem Boys for the belts, all they have to do is ask. There was one team though that Jay said didn't have to ask for a shot because they had earned it in the ring. That team being Coleman & Alexander...
“It honestly meant a lot to me to hear Jay say that me and Caprice had proven ourselves to them.” said Cedric Alexander via e-mail, “Jay & Mark are without a doubt the standard in tag team wrestling and if there is anyone who IS Ring of Honor it's Dem Boys. Earning their respect means a great deal, and it's definitely a mutual thing, but that respect isn't going to stop us from getting into the ring and doing every damn thing we can to become ROH World Tag Team Champions! Corino and Jacobs screwed us over on TV when we got our shot and they did their best to screws us over with that roll of quarters trick in NYC too. With Jay & Mark, there's no worries about getting screwed over and there's no concern that we'll have to watch our backs. This will be a fight no doubt, but it will be an honorable one that represents why ROH is the best in tag team wrestling!”
Well that title opportunity is just around the corner for C & C because on January 5th, when ROH kicks off the new year with a TV Taping in Baltimore, it will be Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander for the ROH World Tag Team Titles! Will this be the kick-off for another dominant Briscoes championship campaign or will this be the night Coleman & Alexander earn that spotlight for themselves? Be there LIVE to find out!