Lethal - Steen ends in chaos!
Last night ROH presented “Killer Instinct” in Rahway, New Jersey and the end of the main event saw a chaotic scene that left many questions unanswered.
What we do know at the moment is that things completely broke down when Steen spit on Jay Lethal’s mother who was sitting front row. As a result of this, Jay Lethal snapped on Steen in a rage like we have never seen before and chaos ensued with security and referees suffering injuries while trying to regulate the incident.
Kevin Steen immediately left the building claiming that he will not return.
While Lethal was looking for Steen backstage he continued to assault officials and apparently attacked ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette. Cornette was sent to the local hospital suffering a severe back injury and his diagnosis is unknown at this time.
ROH COO Joe Koff has contacted both Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen regarding the incident and there is expected to be major fallout from the events that took place last night.
The status of both Lethal and Steen is currently up in the air and we will have more news regarding this incident tomorrow at