“Border Wars” Rematch Signed For Milwaukee!

The “Die Hard” Challenge Continues…
The “Die Hard” Challenge is essentially Eddie Edwards challenge to himself & to ROH officials to bring him former World Champions to compete against with the intended purpose to keep Edwards in tip-top condition as he continues to pursue the ROH World Title.
Rhino was the first man to fall to Edwards at “Border Wars”, Davey Richards was defeated this past weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, and in Eddie’s near future is a date with “The Notorious 187” Homicide at “Best in the World 2012” on June 24th.  Before Eddie returns to The Hammerstein Ballroom, the venue where he both won & lost the World Title, he will challenge ROH World Champion Kevin Steen for the belt this Friday night in CharlestonWV.
Then after NYC, it’s on to Baltimore for “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings, 24 hours later it’s off to Pittsburgh for our debut event at The Rostraver Ice Arena, then to Milwaukee on July 14th for our long awaited return to Wisconsin.
It’s a hectic schedule for ROH’s 1st Triple Crown Winner and now Eddie will have to spend the next month with a shadow just behind him, a looming figure waiting for a rematch.  Edwards will spend the next few weeks knowing that waiting for him when he walks into The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee will be The House of Truth’s hitman, “The Man Beast” Rhino!
“Do you feel like a man Eddie Edwards?” said Truth Martini to ROHWrestling.com, “Did you feel like you scored a true victory when you beat Rhino in Canada? I know that I did not see a man that night.  What I saw was a fluke, the same thing I saw the night you beat my man Roderick Strong for the ROH World Title. You have been the luckiest man alive for the last year but that luck is now running on fumes. Your victory over Rhino was flawed, your defeat of Davey Richards is one you can thank Jimmy Jacobs for handing to you, and now you must face the unfettered fury of The Man Beast once more!  I appreciate his allegiance to a cause, even if that cause is simply a fattening of his bank account, and I delight at the rage he carries around on a second to second basis because it is unleashed wherever throw the dollar. What is even more beautiful Eddie Edwards is that this time it is not about the money for Rhino, this time it is about goring you into mincemeat and reminding you in Toronto you were lucky to escape with your bowels intact. So savor the next few weeks Eddie Edwards, and I sincerely hope you capture the ROH World Title in Charleston because there would be sweet justice in the HoT taking it away from you. To paraphrase a great songbird of our time…Milwaukee waits for you…”
It’s Rhino vs. Edwards II in MilwaukeeWI on July 14th!  There’s a lot of time between now & then, potentially a great deal of major happenings in the life of Edwards that could color this, and Rhino wants to ruin it all.  Tickets are available here