BJ Whitmer Update

The latest on the status of The Buzzsaw
On August 3rd, during the "All Star Extravaganza V" event in Toronto, BJ Whitmer and Michael Bennett met one-on-one as part of the World Title Tournament. During the course of the match, after taking a piledriver on the ring apron, BJ was ruled unable to continue and the match was immediately stopped.  
BJ would spend the next several days in a Canadian hospital under observation until he was well enough to travel.  Upon returning home, BJ underwent extensive testing to determine the condition of his neck and spine and has also started physical therapy in recent weeks.  Still there is a definite question mark pertaining to his future with Ring of Honor and with wrestling in general.
It is a question that will soon be answered though.  
We here at can now announce that on September 20th at "Death Before Dishonor XI", BJ will return to Ring of Honor for the first time since the accident in Toronto and will make an announcement regarding his future.  We can only speculate on just what BJ will say in Philadelphia. As a man who has been a member of the Ring of Honor family for over ten years, he has been in our thoughts every day and BJ will continue to have our complete support in whatever the future holds.
Tickets for "Death Before Dishonor XI" are on-sale here in the ROH Store.