Matt Taven was the longest tenured ROH World Television Champion of all time. And while he held the title, HOOPLA reigned supreme. Taven was surrounded by parties, Hotties...and Truth Martini.
But before all the HOOPLA, there stood The House of Truth. And before he was known for taking his pants off, ROH was acquainted with a very different Truth Martini. The leader of The House of Truth called himself a Life Intervention  Expert. He was as sinister as he was influential, leading men like Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin to success.
And initially, that same dark influence ensnared Matt Taven as well. The winner of the Top Prospect Tournament, Taven was no doubt courted by other managers and counselors. But it was Truth Martini who convinced Taven to step into The House of Truth.
The new Martini-Taven partnership ushered in HOOPLA...and many in Ring of Honor forgot all about the old Truth Martini. Perhaps even Taven himself forgot just how dark his guru could be while blinded by glitter and girls.
In New Orleans, The House of Truth opened its doors once again - and in stepped Jay Lethal.
Long frustrated with his fortunes in ROH, Lethal was looking for a change. An edge. The Truth. Fans were absolutely shocked to see the usually noble Jay Lethal resort to less than honorable tactics. But even more than that, they were shocked to see the return of what we now know must be the real Truth Martini.
And in New Orleans, Matt Taven realized just how devious his former mentor is when Truth Martini used the Book of Truth to assault Taven, going so far later as trying to blind him and end his career for good. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal has benefitted from the constant interference of his new manager. Truth's interference when so far in New York that he was eventually ejected from the match.  
But in Nashville at BEST IN THE WORLD, Truth Martini WILL be at ringside. In fact, he won't have the option to be anywhere else. It's been decided: on June 22nd Matt Taven gets a shot at Jay Lethal's World TV Title...and Truth Martini will be HANDCUFFED to the ring post!
The rivalry between Taven and Lethal is long and simmering. Live on PPV, Matt Taven has the chance to show the world why he was more than just HOOPLA. But Jay Lethal coveted the TV title so much that sold his honor to finally get it back. There's no telling what lengths he'll go to in keeping it. Meanwhile, Truth Martini has no choice but to stand in the middle of the action - no matter what happens!
The ROH World Television Title is on the line LIVE on PPV June 22nd when Ring of Honor presents BEST IN THE WORLD!
SUNDAY, JUNE 22nd, 2014
Tennessee State Fairgrounds/Expo
625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
6:30 PM  CST Local bell time /  7:00pm CST Live On Pay Per View
Tickets On Sale Now Right HERE!