Because You And Kevin Demanded It...

It's Hardy vs. Steen at “Best In The World 2013”
The day after Kevin Steen lost the title (as seen on the April 20th edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV) his world changed. As the former World Champion attempted to address the crowd, Steve Corino hit the ring and cut him off, proclaiming that the mission to destroy ROH was still intact despite Kevin losing the championship. Steen retorted that he was no longer on board with that mission and that all that mattered was reclaiming the championship.
The conversation between the two men grew increasingly heated and the various members of S.C.U.M circled the ring while Kevin stated how he had followed Steve with every part of his plan, even the parts of it he didn't understand he would get behind. Yet, in Kevin's own words as he pointed at “The Self-Proclaimed Icon” Matt Hardy, “There’s one part of your plan I can’t get behind and it’s this m*****f*****!”
That set off the complete demolition of Steen at the hands of the group he once led and all under the direction of a man he once called his best friend and mentor in Corino. Hardy had become the chosen one for Steve, the favored son, and Kevin fell victim to a Twist of Fate at the culmination of S.C.U.M's vicious beating.
All the proof you need that Hardy is the man Corino aims to led to the World Championship is stated in his recent blog:
“It has been written, by me, that Matt Hardy will the next and LAST World champion in the 11 year history of Ring of Honor.... 100 years from now, fans will never remember Ki, Xavier, Joe, Aries, Punk, Gibson, Danielson, Homicide, Morishima, Lynn, Black, Strong, Edwards, Richards, Steen, and especially Nigel McGuinness. They will only remember the man that has 750,000 Twitter followers, a man that created his own match, and a man that a whole era was named after-Matt Hardy.”
For Steen's part, he has taken every opportunity since the night S.C.U.M assaulted him to decimate the group piece-by-piece. Kevin took down Rhett Titus at “Dragon's Reign” on May 11th, defeated Jimmy Jacobs in Richmond on the 18th, and will continue, that mission on June 8th in Columbus when he faces Rhino. Sadly the one blemish on his record may be the most critical because it was the pin fall loss he took at “Border Wars 2013” that has put Matt Hardy in a position to become ROH World Champion on June 23rd.
One night prior to that title bout though, Steen will have the opportunity to rectify that mistake to the best of his ability when, as part of the “Best in the World 2013” iPPV extravaganza, he will go one-on-one with Matt Hardy! And this match isn't happening just because Kevin wants it, it was also the most wanted ROH match according to your texts to T-O-D-A-Y from our recent promotion on TV for Novation Capital.
“Kevin was a good man for a long time.” Corino offered to unsolicited, “He was my shining star and a beacon of all that was right with the world of professional wrestling. Now that light has died and Kevin is being swallowed up once again by the darkness that is Ring of Honor. Matt Hardy though, he is the light, the true north and he has suffered more than enough for all of us during his decades in wrestling. Matt Hardy is the way for Ring of Honor, the only way, and he will do to ROH what Kevin should have done when he had the chance...scorch it like Sodom and Gomorrah. You have no chance at Best in the World Kevin we all know that in our hearts, and the next day you, and the rest of the world, will have to sit back and watch Matt Hardy ascend to his throne as the new and LAST ROH World Champion!”
Kevin Steen! Matt Hardy! They will collide live on iPPV during “Best in the World 2013” on June 22nd! Buy the iPPV broadcast or be there live to see the action in-person, either way do NOT miss ROH's biggest event of the summer!