FEB 21ST & 22ND, 2014

"The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles has returned to Ring of Honor and everyone is buzzing over the instant classic matches we might witness in the coming months. It may come as a surprise to know that the wrestlers themselves are just as preoccupied as the fans when it comes to AJ's next move.  Styles is one of the most talented, exciting athletes in the history of professional wrestling.  But in the years that have passed since he was last in Ring of Honor, a whole new generation of competitors has been rising to prominence.  And every single one of them wants a chance to prove himself against "The Phenomenal One" in an ROH ring.

So when Ring of Honor announced that AJ Styles was officially confirmed for the 12th Anniversary Event and a huge TV taping in February, Head Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness was inundated with requests from the locker room: nearly every single athlete in ROH wants "The Phenomenal One" in Philadelphia!  



Jay Lethal met AJ Styles for the very first time on the night of Lethal's first Ring of Honor match, the summer of 2002.  Since then, they've traveled all over the planet amassing accolades and experience...but the stars never realigned quite like they had in June nearly twelve years ago.  Jay Lethal and AJ Styles have never faced each other in an ROH ring.

That will change on February 21st in Philadelphia, PA.

We can now confirm "The Phenomenal One's" opponent for Ring of Honor's 12th Anniversary: JAY LETHAL!

Far from the inexperienced kid he was back in 2002, Lethal has matured into one of the top professional wrestlers not just in ROH but in the entire sport. We are proud to present this contest between two athletes who will no doubt bring out the absolute best in each other and make Ring of Honor history.  

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"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin wasn't around the last time AJ Styles was in Ring of Honor.  But in TODAY'S ROH, Elgin is the man to beat.  With his incredible strength and intensity, every single fight against Elgin looks and feels like an absolute war.  Michael Elgin has been obsessively focused on proving he's the best wrestler in Ring of Honor - not just ROH today, but the entire history of the company.  

Confirmed for our gigantic post-Anniversary television taping: AJ STYLES VS. "UNBREAKABLE" MICHAEL ELGIN for the first time!
The return of AJ Styles instantly started rumblings amongst ROH fans who said "we NEED to see Styles vs. Elgin." But for "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin, this match isn't about giving the fans what they want.  It's about proving he belongs right next to men like AJ Styles when in comes time to talk about the cornerstones of ROH and pro wrestling. Obviously, Elgin wants to be the ROH World Champion.  But sometimes being the best isn't as tangible as a title belt. Michael Elgin will not be satisfied until he faces this "Phenomenal" challenge challenge on February 22nd.

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Friday, February 21st, 2014
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
Pennsylvania National Guard Armory
2700 Southampton
Philadelphia, PA 19154
2/21/14 Bell Time - 8pm
2/22/14 Bell Time - 7pm
As a bonus if you buy tickets for both Friday and Saturday night's events at the same time, then you will get the tickets for Saturday night for 50% OFF! This deal is ticket for ticket, meaning if you purchase two tickets for Friday you will get the discount on two for Saturday.  If you purchase two for Friday and five for Saturday, you will only get a discount on two of those tickets. Tickets MUST be purchased IN THE SAME TRANSACTION for discount to apply.