Adam Cole Gets His Shot!

Can Border Wars 2013 Bring Us A New Champ Once Again?
Last year at “Border Wars 2012” we not only witnessed the crowning of Kevin Steen as the new ROH World Champion after he defeated Davey Richards, but in the closing moments of the iPPV, just before we went off the air, the ROH faithful also experienced the birth of S.C.U.M as Steve Corino embraced Steen & Jimmy Jacobs.
To them, it was a touching moment as Corino threw away a year & a half of redemption to realign himself with Steen but for ROH, the proceeding nine months have proven that moment to be the dawning of chaos.
This turbulent landscape that S.C.U.M has created was never more evident than on Saturday night at the “11th Anniversary Event” when, in the closing minutes after Steen successfully defended his title against Jay Lethal, all hell broke loose when Rhino, Corino, and Jacobs were joined by Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton, and Matt Hardy to lay waste to the majority of the ROH locker room. Kevin Steen stood by and watched, his thoughts on the moment unknown to all but himself yet the look on his face telling a story that seemed like confusion.
24 hours later at the start of the “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings, Match Maker Nigel McGuinness brought the members of the ROH locker room, sans S.C.U.M, to the ring and declared war. In response to Corino's claims that Steen had defeated every challenger ROH had to offer, Nigel announced that Mark Briscoe would challenge Steen in Asheville, NC on March 30th at the event ROH officials have simply dubbed “WAR” and that Jay Briscoe would then challenge the winner on April 5th at “Supercard of Honor VII” in NYC.
It was also stated that both Adam Cole and BJ Whitmer would receive future title opportunities down the line and the first of those has now been finalized! On May 4th ROH returns to the scene of the crime, The Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for “Border Wars 2013” and on that night the former World TV Champion Adam Cole will get his shot at the World Championship!!!
Adam Cole has stood up for ROH through all of this business with SCUM.” said McGuinness to, “Even when they did their best to put him on the shelf in Cincinnati, Adam still dragged himself out to the ring to fight on ROH's behalf. He is the type of man who deserves the chance to be our World Champion, he's shown he has all the tools to do it in his reign as TV champion and when he took on Davey for the title last year. Corino can try to lie himself that Kevin Steen has beaten everyone, they may even believe that to be true, but there is no shortage of men in that locker room who are willing to stand up to SCUM. You fired the first shot of the war in Chicago sunshine, and when Adam or one of the Briscoes or BJ become the new World Champion I want you to remember that Steve...”
At “Border Wars 2013”, it will be Adam Cole who challenges for the World Title against whomever the champion may be! Can Steen make it to May 4th with the title still in his camp or will we be calling Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, BJ Whitmer, or some other man World Champion come Toronto? 
A scary thought though...if Steen somehow makes it through "Border Wars 2013" with the title in his possession, he will be on the cusp of one complete year as champion (the first since Nigel's title reign) with only the Toronto TV Tapings the following day & the Pittsburgh event on May 11th to stop that from happening. Be there live on May 4th to find out if the nightmare will continue! 
Tickets are on-sale HERE in the ROH Store and stay tuned to “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, our upcoming iPPV events, and all our live DVD tapings to see how this war unfolds!
The time for celebrating honor has passed...the time to defend honor is now!