Adam Cole Gets His Biggest Opportunity To Date

Time to prove himself against the champ…

On March 5th, live on iPPV at the “10th Anniversary Event”, it was “Young Wolves Rising” as Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly stepped into the main event to team with Eddie Edwards & ROH World Champion Davey Richards respectively.


On a historic night, in such a high pressure situation, both Cole & O’Reilly stepped up to the plate but it was Adam who knocked it out of the park when he shocked the world and pinned Davey Richards to win the match for his team! 


Adam Cole who, quite honestly, has impressed everyone during his ROH tenure but had yet to pick up that one big win, scored the biggest victory he possibly could have (without actually capturing a title) by pinning the World Champion.  In the fallout of the match Richards congratulated Cole and shook his hand.  ROH cameras caught up with Cole at the end of the night and grabbed these words from him…



Well when ROH returns to Dayton, OH on April 29th, things will certainly be looking up for Adam Cole as he steps into The Proving Ground with ROH World Champion Davey Richards!  This is Adam’s chance to prove to the world, and most importantly to himself, that his pin on Davey wasn’t a fluke or a once in a lifetime moment.  If he defeats Richards or lasts the time limit, then Adam will receive a future ROH World Title match.


“Ft. Lauderdale was a mixed bag for me.” said Cole to, “I had a huge first night on Friday with my win but then with the way things went down in my match with Kyle, the way he cheated to win, it was honestly kind of a buzzkill. With a TV Title match in my immediate future, and now this match with Davey presented to me, well I think it will be easy to put that all behind me. Davey, you had the decency to show me respect in New York, something that my former tag team partner didn’t, and for that I thank you because, well, my respect for you as a wrestler runs deep.  But you’re the champion, you’re my opponent, and respect isn’t going to win me this Proving Ground match. I said things are heading up for Adam Cole and this is that point where I put up or shut up.  I know some of the world thinks my pin on Davey was a fluke, this is that chance to prove otherwise to myself, to them, to Davey, and yeah…to you too Kyle. If you can still look me in the eye and spit in my face after I beat Davey, well then you’re not the man I thought you were.  Sadly, you probably never were.”


It’s ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs. Adam Cole in a Proving Ground Match on April 29th in Dayton, OH!  Cole could head into this one as the World TV Champion as well if he can bring Roderick’s title reign to an early end on Saturday in Baltimore.  Tickets for our return to Dayton at the Hara Arena are available starting at $15 right here