ACH vs MATT SYDAL - Best of 5 Match Series

Ever since they started teaming up, Matt Sydal and ACH have thrilled fans with their incredible athleticism and compatibility.  A true tag team is much more than just two wrestlers competing on the same side of the ring.  It can often take YEARS of working together before a team truly "clicks" - and sometimes that never happens at all!
But even though the team of ACH and Sydal still seem to have limitless potential for success, ACH apparently feels he needs to do more.  He went to Matt Sydal and explained that he feels he is sinking in ROH and needs to shake up his career before it's too late.  Always a source of positive energy and wisdom, Sydal encouraged his partner, ensuring him that he has all the potential in the world.  ACH has now decided to test that theory by taking on his own partner!
ACH has decided that what he needs to prove his potential is to defeat the man who has taught him so much in the past year - MATT SYDAL!  Because although ACH has learned so much and grown tremendously through this partnership, he truly believes the only way to learn even more is to beat Sydal himself. 
ROH Head Matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness, heard ACH's request for a match against his partner and took it under careful consideration.  We have just received Nigel's decision!  ACH will get his match...but that's not the end of the story.  McGuinness has decided that one match between these two athletes is simply not enough.  If ACH wants to show the world how much he has learned from Matt Sydal, he can prove it in a BEST OF FIVE SERIES!
The first three matches have already been set.  Obviously, only time will tell if matches four and five are necessary...
ROH fans are guaranteed at least three epic encounters between two of the most innovative and exciting professional wrestlers on the planet.  This is a rivalry based on friendship and competition , and there's no way it doesn't get very personal, very quickly!