Ciampa Looks To Even The Score With Lethal

Their grudge boils over in Providence...
On May 12th at “Border Wars” live on iPPV, the former ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal brought an end to the near year and a half unbeaten streak of “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa, the very same man who cost him the TV Title one month prior at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2”.
Since that loss Ciampa's record has grown sporadic, ranging from dominant annihilations of opponents to questionable TV Title losses, and ultimately coming to a head when he viciously assaulted Prince Nana in Pittsburgh at the “Live Strong” event.
Now, with RD Evans seemingly at the helm, Ciampa is looking to even the score with the man who he blames for starting this out of control spiral: Jay Lethal.
“Tommaso Ciampa currently has one man in his sights.” said RD Evans, “Jay Lethal I hope that you have kissed your family goodbye, that you have checked off every item on your bucket list, and that all your documents are in order because in Providence on August 11th you will have the pleasure of attending your own funeral. Tommaso Ciampa has only one goal at this moment, and that is to break you, body and spirit, and then get back to the goal of winning championships and dominating the competition. Oh, and in case you don't have your affairs in order Jay Lethal, I would glad to be provide you with those services for a discounted rate.”
It will be “The Sicilian Psychopath” versus Jay Lethal one-on-one but that's not all. ROH officials have also determined that this match will be contested under 2/3 Falls Rules! Lethal may have the advantage in this meeting as he proved himself quite adept at those stipulations when he beat Roderick Strong at “Rising Above 2012” in two straight falls (Roderick captured the first). Will Lethal prove himself the master of this match or will Ciampa get his ship righted and return to his dominating ways?
Be there at “Boiling Point 2012” on August 11th when ROH debuts in Providence, RI!!! Get your tickets here!