6 Man Tag Set For Border Wars!

It’s a Grudge Match in Toronto…
It started as a verbal confrontation during a backstage interview on this week’s edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling TV” (available here for Ringside Members) between TJ Perkins & The Young Bucks prior to TJ’s match with Mike Mondo but it escalated into so much more.
During the course of the battle, apparently taking umbrage at TJ’s words, Matt & Nick Jackson came to ringside and got themselves involved, directly leading to Mondo picking up the win with an Elevated Double Underhook DDT.  A 3-on-1 assault followed the closing bell which in turn brought out Rhett Titus & Kenny King to fend off their own rivals and even the odds.
“The Young Bucks don’t know when to leave it alone.” said Rhett Titus, “I guess they just can’t handle it when someone like TJ doesn’t just take their crap. Me and Kenny weren’t just going to let it slide, running a numbers game like that, so we came out to even the score.  Of course you ran like the lady boys we know you are but you ain’t running in Canada! See we had a little chat with TJ, then we had talk with Cornette, and now you two and Mondo are going to get what’s coming to ya in Toronto!”
That’s right…at “Border Wars” THIS Saturday night, live on iPPV from Toronto, it’s The All Night Express & “Technical Lightning” TJ Perkins vs. The Young Bucks & Mike Mondo in a 6-Man Grudge Match!!!  The heat between ANX and The YB has been building every since “Final Battle 2011” when they put Titus on the shelf while Mondo & TJ have traded wins in recent weeks.  Now the two paths collide at “Border Wars” on May 12th and you can catch all the action live on iPPV right here at ROHWrestling.com! You can still get tickets here to attend live & in-person as well!!!