Philadelphia, PA - Friday, August 21st, 2015 **TV Taping**
Baltimore, MD - Saturday, July 25th, 2015 **TV Taping**
AFTERSHOCK - New York City - Saturday, June 20th, 2015 **TV Taping**
The final stop in the Road to Best In The World '15 was in the historic Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN
IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Matt Taven & Michael Bennett w/Maria beat Danny Adams & Paco Gonzalez in short order.  The Kingdom grabbed the microphone post-match and demanded to be inserted into tonight's main event. It was announced via text from Nigel McGuinness that they were being granted their wish.
The Decade's Adam Page w/BJ Whitmer defeated Will Ferrara.
Moose continued his roll into Best in The World '15 as he defeated BJ Whitmer, Silas Young & Cheeseburger in a 4 Corner Survival Match.
"Mr ROH" Roderick Strong beat Dalton Castle.
ROH World Television Jay Lethal beat Samson Walker to retain his championship.
ODB beat The Romantic Touch by DQ after ODB was superkicked by Jay Lethal. Lethal was sending a clear message to Jay Briscoe that no one around him is safe. ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe would chase Lethal from the ring.
"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin beat #reborn Matt Sydal.
ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction defeated IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions The Kingdom, War Machine & The Briscoes in an intense main event. Jay Lethal came down and attacked Jay Briscoe after the match. Lots of insane brawling post match. Briscoe would bounce back and stand tall to end the night. letting Lethal know that Best in The World '15 will be the toughest night of his career!
The Road to Best In The World '15 made its final stops this past weekend in Collinsville, IL and Nashville, TN. ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe and his opponent at BITW '15, ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal,  could not stay away from each other and this led to an amazing weekend of action.
We kicked things off in Collinsville, IL in front a packed house with former 8x ROH World Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe defeating The Decade's Adam Page in a thrilling contest of two of the best athletes today.
"The Last Real Man" Silas Young defeated the cult favorite Cheeseburger.
The Kingdom's Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis & Matt Taven defeated Dalton Castle in a match where Castle just couldn't overcome the odds.
Native sons and best friends #reborn Matt Sydal & Delirious beat Tag Team Champions The Addiction, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, in a non-title match.
The Decade's B.J. Whitmer w/Adam Page brutalized The Romantic Touch.
War Machine's Hanson defeated The Kingdom's Matt Taven w/ Michael Bennett.
ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini defeated War Machine's Raymond Rowe in a non-title match that had the fans buzzing!
In a match with direct impact on The Best in The World '15: Battle of The Belts, "Unrbeakable" Michael Elgin & Moose defeated ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe & "Mr ROH" Roderick Strong. Moose, Elgin & Strong are scheduled to face off in a 3 way match to determine the new #1 contender for the ROH World Championship! Moose scored the biggest victory of his career as he pinned Roderick Strong following a spear! Is Moose for shadowing Best in The World '15?
The best wrestling on the planet, Ring of Honor rocked the Silicon Valley this past Friday night March 27, 2015. Over 1100 fans packed the sold out Sports House in Redwood City!
Our opening contest saw Mark Briscoe get back on the winning track with a huge victory over ACH. These two set the tone for what was to be a fantastic night of action.
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin defeated Frankie Kazarian of The Addiction via the Elgin bomb. Christopher Daniels would come out to check on his partner only to be attacked by the increasingly unpredictable Elgin.
In a match up that had fans on their feet, Matt Sydal won the 6 Man Mayhem featuring  Andrew Everett, Caprice Coleman, Tommaso Ciampa, Cedric Alexander, & Moose. Sydal won after he landed the Shooting Star Press on Everett.
BJ Whitmer beat Jimmy Jacobs after hitting the Exploder on two chairs. Whitmer refuses to shake Jacobs hand which shocked some. Colby Corino, who is BJ Whitmer’s new young boy in The Decade attacked Jimmy from behind. A surprise return saw Lacey charge out to make assist Jimmy in turning the tide. Fans fondly reminisced as "The Ballad of Lacey" played while Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey departed.
“Mr ROH” Roderick Strong defeated Christopher Daniels with the Strong Hold. These two ROH veterans tore down the house. Strong’s win helps him maintain what looks to be his best year yet.
Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (w/ "FilthyDRagon" Tom Lawlor) defeated The Kingdom's Matt Taven & Michael Bennett with Maria Kanellis. This match up was not without controversy as a member of the Knights of the Rising Dawn, looking shockingly similar to Kingdom member, Adam Cole made an appearance. The champions were able to overcome the interference to secure another high profile victory.
ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal scored perhaps his biggest victory to date when he defeated the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger to retain his championship. The Japanese legend had Lethal in deep trouble at various points, but it was just not enough to unseat the greatest ROH Television Champion of all time.
ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe defeated former ROH World Champion “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe to retain his championship. A highly anticipated dream match that most expected the former champion to win but Jay Briscoe showed no signs of distraction and proved to Joe and the world exactly why he holds the most important prize in professional wrestling, the Ring of Honor World Championship.
The SUPERCARD OF HONOR video on demand event will be available HERE for purchase.
ROH Conquest Tour
Saturday March 13, 2015
Milwaukee, WI
Ring of Honor returned to the raucous confines of the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee and we kicked things off with “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong defeating Ayra Daivari. Strong won via submission with the Strong Hold.
Will Ferrara def Silas Young via DQ after a low blow. After a 7 month layoff due to injury, “The Last Real Man” returned strong and got disqualified! Ferrara may have won, but not in the manner he would have liked.
In a battle of two guys willing to risk it all, Mark Briscoe def Beer City Brusier.
RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Berretta) def The Decade (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs)
Jimmy Jacob surprisingly observed the code of honor by shaking both Beretta and Romero’s hands. This did not sit well with BJ Whitmer.
Matt Taven informed the fans that he was “Mr Must See”  then proceeded to defeat Cheeseburger.
Former ROH World Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin defeated Josh Alexander with a lariat in a very hard hitting contest.
“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe def ACH in a match that left fans in awe.
ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) def ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe & ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal. The ROH World Tag Team Champions won when Kyle O’Reilly forced Jay Lethal to submit.
ROH Conquest Tour 
Saturday March 14, 2015 
Chicago Ridge, IL
Our opening contest saw J. Diesel with Truth Martini def Will Ferrara.
ACH defeated Jimmy Jacobs with the 450. To the shock of many, against the self imposed protocol of The Decade, Jimmy Jacobs shook the hand of ACH. BJ Whitmer was clearly not happy with this.
Four Corner Survival for a Proving Ground: Instant Reward opportunity
Silas Young, returning after a 7 month layoff due to injury def Mark Briscoe, Matt Taven, & “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong. Silas would attempt to shake the hands of his competitor, but they all refused.
Proving Ground: Instant Reward Chicago Street Fight. If Cliff Compton wins, he gets an automatic ROH World Television Title Match on the spot.
Jay Lethal defeated Cliff Compton with the lethal injection after interference from both J. Diesel and Truth Martini.
The 6’2 300lb Beer City Bruiser defeated Cheeseburger in a battle of David versus Goliath. Cheeseburger could not overcome the girth and power of the Bruiser who is starting to make a name in ROH.
Tommaso Ciampa came to address the fans. He addressed the ring injury he suffered during the main event of Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Spectacular. He informed the fans of Chicago Ridge that he is now a free agent. He would be interrupted by “The Last Real Man” Silas Young. Young essentially told Ciampa that everyone has trouble with their bosses and to get over it. Young reminded him that he was injured and if he was smart he would leave the ring. Officials would charge out to ensure tensions did not escalate. This is certainly not the end of the issue between the two.
Proving Ground: Instant Reward for ROH World Title opportunity. If Silas Young defeats Jay Briscoe, he gets an automatic ROH World Title Match on the spot. Jay Briscoe defeated Silas Young. “The Last Real Man” had an amazing weekend, but ultimately succumbed to the Jay Driller.
Proving Ground: Instand Reward for ROH Tag Title. If RPG Vice win they get an automatic (ROH World Tag Team Title opportunity on the spot.
RPG Vice (Beretta & Rocky Romero) def reDRagon to win the instant reward. The Champions would storm back in the championship portion to put away the newly formed duo. The fans of Chicago Ridge saw the birth of perhaps the next great tag team in RPG Vice. reDRagon proved once again why they are the best tag team in ROH and the world with a successful title defense.
In a highly anticipated match up featuring 2 of the baddest men on the plant, Samoa Joe def Michael Elgin via submission.
Before leaving Joe let it be known that he was coming for ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe.
– Joe thanked the fans and said he’s coming for Jay Briscoe
Sunday, March 1st, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ring of Honor's 13th Anniversary Spectacular is in the history books! It was a night of action that fans are still buzzing about. If you missed it, have no fear as you can order the replay by clicking here.
Our opening contest saw Matt Sydal def. Cedric Alexander. Sydal was super excited for the chance to face off with the young and talented Alexander. Cedric, who was in a serious mode, seemed determined and focused on winning. In a back and forth contest, Sydal would win with the Shooting Star Press.
2. Moose def. Mark Briscoe. This was a shocker to some but not for Stokely Hathaway and Veda Scott.  The big former NFL offensive lineman took everything the Sensei of Redneck Kung Fu had and kept coming. Moose opened a lot of eyes including those of ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. Veda Scott would not allow Moose to shake Mark's hand, refusing the Code of Honor.
3. The Kingdom def. The Addiction, Karl Anderson. Flight issues prevented Doc Gallows from making it to Las Vegas but his partner "Machine Gun" Karl Anderson informed the world that he did not need a partner and would go it alone. This matchup saw the Addiction and The Kingdom take to the air hopes of winning but eventually Bennett and Taven would use a spike piledriver to put Anderson away and send a definitive message to the current IWGP Tag Team Champions and the world. 
4. Roderick Strong def. BJ Whitmer. 
The bully of the Decade looked to quickly put away his former stablemate. But Mr ROH would prove why he truly is an elite talent and fought back with everything he had. Though Adam Page attempted to get involved, Strong would prove that he still is one of the very best today and gained a big victory. 
5. ODB def. Maria Kanellis. Fans are still buzzing about the first ROH woman's match-up on Pay Per View. ODB came prepared for mental and physical war. Maria would shock everyone with her game plan.  ODB would not only take home the victory, she would also take home the Jay Briscoe's Real World Title. This was wild and crazy and a definite must see!
6. AJ Styles def. ACH. Styles would come into this match very confident. As the IWGP Heavyweight champion, why wouldn't he? ACH came to win and almost accomplished his goal but ultimately "The Phenomenal One" proved once again why he may be the very best in the world. 
7. reDRagon def. The Young Bucks to retain the ROH Tag Team titles. The career rivals known for providing matches of the year did not disappoint. Words can not do true justice for this one and it is definitely high atop the list of reasons to go out of your way to buy the replay. The Bucks came for a battle and they got one. They came for the ROH World Tag Team Championships but they came up short. reDRagon stayed one step ahead and retained their championship. While not the end of this rivalry, it was said reDRagon have declared victory in their war with the spectacular Young Bucks. MMA woman's pioneer Shayna Baszler was in the corner of reDRagon and would play a role in the outcome. It should be noted that the Knights of the Rising Dawn made their presence felt during this match with an appearance at ringside.
8. Jay Lethal def. Alberto El Patron to retain the ROH World TV title.  The self-proclaimed greatest first generation wrestler and the longest reigning ROH Television Champion of all time, Jay Lethal would defeat the Mexican legend Alberto El Patron. A textbook classic match up featuring two of the best professional wrestlers in the world was affected by the presence of the House of Truth. Did Lethal get that respect that he felt he deserved? Order the replay and you be the judge.
-Samoa Joe returned to a hero's welcome. The longest reigning ROH World Champion informed the world that he was not here to simply say "hi"; he was here to regain the championship that he put on the map. The fans of Ring of Honor were happy to see Joe but one cannot imagine the locker room is so happy with the prospects of facing a motivated Samoan Submission Machine.
9. Jay Briscoe def. Hanson, Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin to retain the ROH World Championship. Hard-hitting, intense, brutal and vicious are just some of the words that can be used to describe this match but none of them can truly put this bout in context. The race to end Jay Briscoe’s near two year streak of not being pinned or submitted was in real danger. The Knights of The Rising Dawn would jump the rails and get physical. They were met with the return of the monstrous Raymond Rowe. All three challengers fought as if this was their last chance, but Jay Briscoe showed once again why he is the man with the biggest win of his title reign, proving to have luck on his side in Las Vegas.
As Briscoe was celebrating his win, the fans rose to their feet as Samoa Joe made his way to the ring, ending the night by going nose to nose with the World Champion. If you are a fan of the best wrestling on the planet,  you must order the replay of Ring of Honor's 13th Anniversary Spectacular! 
February 21st, 2015 - ATLANTA, GEORGIA
1. Caprice Coleman defeated "P-Dog" Mike Posey
2. Corey Hollis vs. Jonathan Gresham ended as a no contest when they were attacked by BJ Whitmer & Adam Page leading to...
2a. BJ Whitmer & Adam Page defeated Corey Hollis & Jonathan Gresham
3.  Matt Sydal defeated Delirious
4. Roderick Strong defeated Kyle O'Reilly
5. Moose w/ former Falcon John Abraham & Stokely Hathaway defeated ACH
6. Hanson defeated Jay Lethal, Will Ferrara, Cedric Alexander, Michael Elgin and Tommaso Ciampa in 6-Man Mayhem
7. AJ Styles defeated Bobby Fish
8. The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe Brothers in a 2 out of 3 falls in Tag Team Armageddon.
 - 1st Fall - Regular Match
 - 2nd Fall - Tables Match
 - 3rd Fall - Falls Count Anywhere
Saturday, January 31st, 2015
Dayton, Ohio
Will Ferrara defeated The Romantic Touch.
Unbreakable” Michael Elgin defeated Chris Dickinson.
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Michael Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) was thrown out after The Kingdom tried to get involved. Hanson came out for the save, which lead to a tag team…
Tommaso Ciampa & Hanson defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria).
ROH TV champion Jay Lethal & Jay Diesel (w/Truth Martini) defeated Cheeseburger & Samson Walker.
Jimmy Jacobs & B.J. Whitmer defeated Aeroform (Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick).
Alberto El Patrón defeated “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong
The Decade attacked Strong after the match, but Alberto made the save. Alberto and Strong shook hands afterwards.
The Briscoes (ROH World champion Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) defeated A.C.H. & Matt Sydal
Friday, January 30th, 2015
Dearborn, Michigan
Pre Show Match: Cheeseburger defeated Stokely Hathaway
Jay Briscoe (c) defeated Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) to retain the ROH World Championship
Hanson defeated BJ Whitmer
Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tyson Dux
Jimmy Jacobs defeated Tadarius Thomas in a TD Thomas Retirement Match
Matt Sydal defeated Matt Taven (w/ Adam Cole)
The Romantic Touch defeated Dru Onyx
Michael Elgin defeated Mark Briscoe
Alberto El Patron defeated ACH
Jay Lethal (w/ Truth Martini) (c) defeated Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Television Championship