by :
Tommaso Ciampa
Wrestlemania weekend of 2012 I wrestled 1 match in 2 nights for Ring of Honor. It was an undercard match that lasted merely 6 minutes. I then watched Elgin have his breakout performance for the company in a match that would later be declared the Match of the Year.
A very small part of me was just happy to finally be wrestling for ROH. But complacency has never been one of my strong traits. I was hungry, determined, and I guess some could say I was even developing a bit of a chip on my shoulder. My focus became set on Mania weekend of 2013. I didn't care about main eventing, but I sure as hell was going to steal that damn show. I wanted my break out moment more than I wanted to breathe and in my mind I had one year to build towards that moment. I began to take my focus and work ethic to another level. Then, August 11th happened...
I haven't stepped in an ROH ring ever since. As I sit here today with Mania weekend 2013 around the corner I realize that I failed myself. I will not steal the show in NYC - I won't even be attending the show. I damn near killed myself to be ready in time. I failed. I can feel the chip on my shoulder get bigger and bigger with each passing day. People keep asking me, "when will you return?" or "who do you want to face?". I will return when my knee allows me to return. I will face whoever the hell is put in front of me. I'm not in this business to pick sides. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here, more than ever, to prove something - prove it to my fans, my haters, my colleagues, my family, and far more importantly - I am here to prove something to myself.
I failed in my attempt to steal the show Mania weekend. I will not fail in my new quest... My eyes are locked on rehab, locked on the moment that my music hits and I step through that curtain for the very first time. I began 2013 as a forgotten soldier, I will finish the year as the most talked about man in ROH.