The Evolution Of EVIL

by :
Steve Corino


The Evolution Of EVIL
The professional wrestling super group has been around for over three decades. The Four Horsemen, Devastation Inc., the nWo, and whatever they do now on Monday and Thursday nights. And each one of these groups had a common denominator: Take over.
Since Saturday nights declaration of war, I have seen the comparisons to these groups and it just goes to show my point is true that pro-wrestling fans are not smart by any stretch of the imagination.
We don't want to take over ROH, we wanted to KILL Ring Of Honor. We want to destroy ROH. We want to bankrupt this company. We will never be able to move on as long as this company promotes their version of professional wrestling.
SCUM's mission from day one has always remained the same: Bring SUFFERING CHOAS UGLINESS & MAYHEM to a company that lies directly to the moron fans that they market to by saying they are all about "Honor". 
Honor? What a laughable concept. Since 2002, Ring Of Honor has promoted themselves as something different, something unique, and something innovative. But its a smoke screen of lies. It always has been.
Please go to the roster page on and tell me who really is "Honorable". 
BJ Whitmer?
Jay Briscoe?
Mark Briscoe?
Jay Lethal?
Michael Elgin?
The American Wolves?
Adam Cole?
Caprice Coleman?
Cedric Alexander?
Give me a break. All hypocrites. I could go on all day about the flaws of each one of these men, but you fans still would find excuses, justify their actions, and take another swig of that ROH Kool Aid.
The men that represent SCUM admit our flaws, but we also know where the blame belongs. This makes us men. Heroes in fact. I don't expect any of you to understand this concept because most of you are losers that sit behind a computer or the barricades and complain. 
How can ROH promote "Honor" when their fans are half the problem? None of you are honorable. The fan base is full of cyber bullies and people that can not even put a simple sentence together. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 
I warned everyone that Evil was coming. There was no sneak attack. I told you our numbers would grow and I did not lie. I actually have that much respect for the fans and wrestlers to let you know that we were planning on declaring war. The numbers grew. Look at who we added to an already star studded roster of assassins:
Jimmy Rave
A man that was thrown away by ROH staff, wrestlers, and fans. Once the Crown Jewel of the Embassy, you fans showed your respect by throwing toilet paper at him. And when personal demons consumed this man, you dumped him like he was your pretend girlfriend that you told your friends about. 
Jimmy Rave turned his life around. Everyday he works to fight his demons and took a positive step to work with troubled youth. And what did that get him? NOTHING. He had to sit there at home week after week watching ROH on TV, while the doors opened wide for BJ Whitmer. How dare you fans cheer BJ and forget one of the greatest wrestlers in the eleven year history of this promotion? You should be ashamed.
I visited with Jimmy three times over the last six months to let him know that he had friends in myself, Jimmy Jacobs, Kevin Steen, and Rhino. Friends that he could trust. Friends that could open that door again. This time he kicked it in.
Cliff Compton
I can't tell you how many times I heard Cliff Compton's name come up in regards to new roster members. This untapped talent sat on the sidelines while ROH officials said "Soon Cliff", "You're the next to get hired Cliff", and "Just wait a little bit longer Cliff". LIES. 
I reached out to Cliff Compton the night that Jimmy Jacobs and I won the ROH World tag team titles in Chicago. He was frustrated and tired of waiting on Jim Cornette, Sinclair Broadcasting, and the fans. He created his own "moment" last Saturday night and once again, you can only blame yourselves.
Rhett Titus
We want to throw the word "original" around like it was nothing, but Rhett Titus is a true ROH original. He trained at the ROH Wrestling Academy, he paid his dues, he did everything that was asked of him, and last June his dreams came true when he became one half of the ROH World tag team champions with Kenny King.
When Kenny decided to move on, what did ROH do to the guy that stayed loyal? Punished him. They let Kenny walk and replaced him with BJ Whitmer. Sure, just throw someone in there with Rhett, it doesn't matter was the idea. Talk among fans and even the backstage wrestlers was that Rhett was the "Marty". The Marty? How dare all of you. This 24 year old kid gave you everything he had and you stomped on him. Last Saturday night, he became a man. The man.
Matt Hardy
The smile on my face widens when I talk about this true wrestling icon. And my smile quickly turns to anger when I think about the disrespect he is shown by the ROH Officials (namely that limey Nigel McGuiness) and especially the fans.
Matt Hardy is a living legend. 819,066 Twitter followers. An 8 time World tag team champion. A man that helped innovate a match style that they made a whole pay per view after. A true superstar.
But he doesn't get your respect anymore. Why? Do we forget that this man yelled RING OF HONOR on Monday Night Raw seven years before your beloved CM Punk did it? You should all be ashamed of yourselves for booing him. 
If you boo Matt Hardy, you are a bad person.
If it wasn't for Matt Hardy, no one would watch Ring Of Honor on TV. He IS the superstar.
And he is my friend.
Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, Matt Hardy, Cliff Compton, Rhett Titus, Jimmy Rave, and ROH World champion Kevin Steen will kill this company. We are SCUM.
Now stop with all your speculation about Kevin Steen's reaction to our declaration of war. He was not told of my plans beforehand because he needed to dedicate 100% of his concentration to the challenge of Jay Lethal. I will tell of all of you rumor spreaders that Kevin Steen is on board with everything that I have masterminded. EVERYTHING. He already is the greatest World champion in ROH history and now we will make sure that he is the last ROH World champion.
I said it Saturday and I will say it again: War has been declared and it will not last long. Nigel "Hypocrite" McGuiness and the rest of his honor lives crew are fighting for the wrong side. Quit before this gets bad.
And you fans that are angry and want to use the cop-out "We won't watch anymore." please do. That is the point. Turn away. Stop coming to the events, stop watching the television show, and stop supporting this product. You will only be helping the SCUM cause.
If you continue to support this product, you all will be sorry. Every one of you.
You have been warned.....Again.
Mark Briscoe, March 30th you are next.