To Whom It May Concern:

by :
R.D. Evans
To Whom It May Concern:
I remember that December morning like it was yesterday.
Burrowed in my yacht’s cabin to escape frigid White Sea winds sweeping across the deck, I read a Wall Street Journal article which filled me with a rage I dare not revisit in detail.  (Just ask my manservant Ramón, who suffered its brunt.)  News broke that Bernie Madoff had duped some forty-eight hundred investors into fueling his elaborate, sixty-five billion dollar Ponzi scheme!  How did I not think of that?!
Investing is gambling and, as Kenny Rogers tells us, you gotta’ know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.  Anyone who lost money at the hands of Bernie Madoff has no one to blame but themselves.  They stayed in the game too long – a mistake I never make.
I cut Prince Nana loose because, having already taken him for everything he was worth, he had become a liability to my finely tuned operation.  His backroom dealings with that common criminal Truth Martini almost got me killed and, while I have often considered faking my death to collect on the life insurance, I have no actual death wish.
Likely the last thing Tommaso Ciampa wants to hear right now, as he lay in a hospital bed somewhere, is that he and I have a lot in common but it is true.  He always speaks of wanting competition, so as to prove he is the best by defeating the rest.  I feel the same.  The only difference is that I do not limit my victories to within a wrestling ring.
In business, there is no morality.  The only “wrong” is losing; winning the only “right”.  I hope Tommaso can one day appreciate that I did what I did with the same desire to win that motivates him.
Judge me if you will but the only thing I judge Bernie Madoff for is getting caught – another mistake I never make.  “God’s Gift” Q.T. Marshall and I made sure that my past will not catch up with me.  After all, how can my past run when he cannot even walk?
Barrister R.D. Evans