Possession Is Nine-tenths Of The Law

by :
R.D. Evans
You hear it all the time: "Possession is nine-tenths of the law." Some have contested this age-old adage but whether it is true or not makes little difference. Any legist worth his weight in bail bonds knows the law is open for interpretation; an attorney of my caliber can make anything he wants true.

Needless to say, Embassy, Ltd.’s new investors were elated with Tommaso Ciampa’s performance at Ring Of Honor’s Tenth Anniversary Event. More than ever before, he proved to be the gravy train with biscuit wheels I promised he would be. The only problem is, in true dastardly fashion, Ring Of Honor officials are withholding our Championship bonus, claiming Jay Lethal is the rightful Ring Of Honor Television Champion. In response, I pose a simple question: If Jay Lethal is the Television Champion, why was he unable to grab the Championship belt after his match with Embassy, Ltd.’s "Dominant Male"? Answer: Because he was lying on his back.

You want to talk "lethal"? Allow me to introduce myself: Barrister R.D. Evans, the lethal lawyer. In professional wrestling, possession is ten-tenths of the law and Embassy, Ltd. possess the Ring Of Honor Television Championship belt. As such, I publicly declare what I have already shared with Ring Of Honor officials via a certified demand letter: We do not just want, we require the accompanying Championship bonus. After all, what good is a gravy train without a meal ticket to the diner car?

On 30 March 2012, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Embassy, Ltd. will be in attendance at Showdown In The Sun and make no mistake: Embassy, Ltd., as backed by the full resources of our investors and Prince Nana, are prepared to fight for what we are due. Dare Ring Of Honor officials not call Tommaso Ciampa a pretender or they will be slapped with a slander suit faster than they can say "But it’s ‘libel’ if it’s written." Dare Jay Lethal not try to take back the Television Championship belt or he will simply be slapped. Again. By Tommaso Ciampa.

Law Office of R.D. Evans
Barrister & Solicitor