Nana's World

Well the time is here and now. It's been a complete pleasure being apart of ROH from the very first event! So now in September of 2011 we enter a new era and all of the fans who watch other "major" companies can now see Ring Of Honor on the same television screen!
Even though I may despise some of the officials here, and sometimes make a mockery of wrestlers, Ring of Honor is still without a question, the best wrestling you will find on broadcast television you fools. Show me a better product with better wrestlers??? YOU CAN'T!
As Far as me and The Embassy? Well if you are new to Ring of Honor and don’t know, I am Prince Nana and I have been a fixture in Ring of Honor since day one. It is my riches that have allowed me to buy and sell individuals as I choose. I am the leader of The Embassy and its time to show the masses around the world why we are the most dominant faction in the history of pro wrestling and why I'm a good good good good good man.
My career moving forward will consist of major accomplishments economically and capitalistically, and not only for me. I will continue to scout talent around the world to work for the Embassy or ROH and will eventually move the industry to Africa. Along the way my project Tommaso Ciampa will remain UNDEFEATED in ROH and eventually bring championship gold to where it belongs. We are The Embassy and welcome to Ring Of Honor.


Prince Nana