by :
Patrick Edwards
Seems like since last weekend's "Best In The World" PPV everything in ROH is full speed ahead, almost like a page has been turned. The show was hands down awesome with each match delivering. Even the production was killer, could it be that the 'suits' finally figured it out? Even the camera angles have evolved and the crowd was red hot for this show.
I TOLD you all it would be great, didn't I?
If you watched the PPV or the replay I'm sure you'll agree this show was great and that ROH hit a home run. I think the only people that ripped the show are these sleazy dirt sheet writers . Of course, it's their job to hate and pick apart everything. Their only goal is to get people to listen to their podcasts and read their sheets so they can call themselves 'journalists'. Must be a tough and miserable existence for them though being grown adults, living in their parent's basement being negative about wrestling 24/7. "Best In The World" was a slam dunk, period.
Keep the "Summer Of Honor" contest submissions coming! The 1st winner was announced last Friday and another winner will be revealed tomorrow on the ROH Facebook page. Remember, this contest runs all summer long and once you have entered, your entry will remain eligible for drawing during the entire contest, only being removed if you win. Pretty cool prizes if I do say so myself. I'll never understand why upper management has to make everything, even the smallest of details a complicated mess, but there are some very cool things to come at future ROH LIVE events on the calendar such as Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and in both North and South Carolina. If you win, you could choose your tickets to be for these or any events on the calendar.
I found it very cool to see all the people in the crowd last Sunday rocking the new KILL STEEN KILL shirt. It's a great shirt and novel idea. To be honest with you, whoever is handling the t-shirt designs these days is doing an awesome job, the person 'gets it' for sure.
In closing, I'll be in Pittsburgh for the show this Saturday. I expect to see you there as well. Rumor has it there will be some football players in attendance that night from a local team. Hit me up at the show and you can buy me some food or something. Kidding....but If you do approach me and mention the "Sidewalk Slam" blog, I'll give you something cool from the merchandise table on me, well actually the company, but I will work it with them and if they get mad at me, so be it...
Hit me up on Twitter @pedwardshq and be sure to check out the new vibe of ROH. Something is happening for the better, from live events, the TV show, t-shirts, the Ringside membership feature etc. I think our voice is being heard that we want 'our' ROH back. They seem to be listening...
Until next time,
Your humble #ROHRadical
Patrick Edwards @pedwardshq